Free internet livestreams for Wacken Festival 2015 available

Yeah, there's chance to be part of the biggest metal festival of the world even if you can't go there or couldn't get your hands on one of the tickets that sold nearly out faster than the light.

All the streams can be found on the official Social Streaming center page on the official Wacken Homepage. As a alternative you can also click over to the site of the german TV station ARTE. On that site you'll also be able to access some of the shows in a archive as stream on demand later on.

Update 08/02/2015: Life goes to fast...it's already over again. But wait, there's still a chance to see some of the shows (again) or for the first time if you've missed them out.

Streaming archives

Just click on over to the ARTE streaming archive and you can check out full shows from Amorphis, Running Wild, Rock Meets Classic, At The Gates, Uli Jon Roth and many more.
More shows have been uploaded on 08/04/2015: You can see now shows from Amorphis, Cradle of Filth, Sabaton and Savatage & TSO on the ARTE streaming archive. Some of them are said to be accessable worlwire.

3sat also broadcasted a big four hour special yesterday. It included TSO & Savatage, Sabaton, Running Wild and In Flames. You can watch the whole package on the blog of the TV station. 

3sat began to broadcast single shows on german TV last night. These stuff is also up for streaming in their on demand archive. More shows will be added as the broadcast schedule progresses (see section labeled "Broadcast of shows on TV" in this post for detailed information on that).

There was a little documentary included that talked about the cover artist Seth Siro Anton of the band Septicflesh and his creations for bands like Morgoth, Paradise Lost, Kamelot and more. A very cool gimmick in my eyes!
This mini-movie can also be seen separately in a single stream on the 3sat media-archive if you don't want to watch the full four hour broadcast just to be able to see this.

In addition to that a big archive has been opened up offering a large package of interview stuff. Just head on to the ARTE interview subpage to see them. 

Broadcasts of shows on TV

The exact dates for the single shows on german TV station 3sat and ZDF kultur have been announced in the meantime. The syntax always lists 3sat first, next is ZDF kultur. All times are CEST.

In Flames: 10.08., 2.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 20.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
The BossHoss: 10.08., 3.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 21.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
In Extremo: 10.08., 4.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 22.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Running Wild: 10.08., 5.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 23.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Queensr├┐che: 14.08., 4.10 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 0.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Cradle of Filth14.08., 5.10 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 1.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Finally: Have fun!


Here is the time-table that has been set up so far. Please note that this is subject to change also shortly and all times are CEST.
Update 07/30/2015: Two shows have been added for today (Thursday).

Thursday, 30.07.2015
17.45 – 19.05 h - In Extremo
19.20 h - Grailknights (Recording)
20.10 h - Mambo Kurt (Recording)

21.00 – 22.00 h - New Model Army (Recording)
22.10 – 23.25 h - Uli Jon Roth (Recording)

Friday, 31.07.2015
15.30 – 16.30 h - At The Gates
16.45 – 17.45 h - Queensryche
18.00 – 19.15 h - Opeth
19.30 – 20.45 h - Dream Theater
21.00 – 22.15 h - tba
22.30 – 23.45 h - In Flames
00.00 – 01.30 h - Running Wild
01.45 – 03.00 h - The BossHoss

Saturday, 01.08.2015
14.30 – 15.45 h - Amorphis
16.00 – 17.15 h - Danko Jones
17.30 – 18.45 h - Rock Meets Classic
18.55 – 20.10 h - Dream Theater (Recording)
20.15 – 21.15 h - tba
21.15 – 22.00 h - The BossHoss (Recording)
22.00 – 23.30 h - Sabaton (Time Shift)
23.30 – 00.15 h - In Flames (Recording)
00.15 – 01.30 h - Cradle of Filth
01.45 – 02.45 h - Subway to Sally

In addition to that you'll be able to see some stuff at the german TV stations ARTE and 3sat.
So far 3sat has announced the following on their website:

Wacken Open Air 2015
LIVE from Wacken
Hosts: Rainer Maria Jilg, Markus Kavka
Saturday, 1. August, starting from 20.15 h
Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage
In Flames
Running Wild
Ten single show-recordings from the festival, starting on 10. August 2015, here the exact time-table:
Monday, 10.08.2015 ab 02:05 Uhr – 4 shows
Friday, 14.08.2015 ab 04:10 Uhr – 2 shows
Monday, 17.08.2015 ab 02:15 Uhr – 4 shows

More recordings at  ZDFkultur:
Saturday, 08.08.2015 ab 20:15 Uhr – 6 shows
Saturday, 15.08.2015 ab 20:15 Uhr – 4 shows

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