Important information regarding weather and travel for Wacken 2015

For all those people out there who are going to Wacken Open Air Festival in 2015 here's a urgent and important information. Please help and spread this one around!

About the situation in Wacken: It has been raining quite a lot there the last 3 days so the organizers have given out some advice for a safe travel to the festival as well as for preparing the goods properly:

1) Travel light and only pack absolutely necessary things.

2) Use public transportation, e.g. busses, trains and shuttles. More information on these are available from our travel tool, which is accessible via www.wacken.com/anfahrt-widget/index-en.php.

3) If it is not possible for you to change to public transportation, please try to travel with as few cars as possible. Please use every seat and form carpools – more information on this possibility is available from our travel tool, too.

4) When you arrive, please park space-savingly.

You can read the full information on this on post of the official Wacken homepage (english version). 

Update 07/30/2015: Today the organizers ask all the people who want to travel to the Holy Wacken ground only to use public transportation to get to the festival! Shuttles will be free of charge! 

A update on the parking situation if you cannot travel by public transportation or are already on the way: You can use the carparks Parkhaus Zentrum am Bahnhof" (Br├╝ckenstrasse, Itzehoe) and Parkplatz "Prinovis" (St├Ârfischer Strasse, Itzehoe). Please use the exit ramp "Itzehoe Mitte". Usage is free of charge, toilets are available. Shuttles will bring you to W:O:A.

Update 07/29/2015: In addition to the advices posted yesterday the organizers today published another article asking the people who have not started their journey yet and want to travel by car to postpone their arrival until tomorrow (07/30/2015).
They need more time to prepare the camping grounds properly. The weather forecast says that their will be more rain coming down today but better weather is said to be in sight for the upcoming days.

Read the complete text on the Wacken Festival page (english version). 

For all those who are already on the way: extra parking slots have been made available which have a hard asphalt underground. You can find both kiss & ride parking lots in the In the center of Gribbohm (Dorfstrasse) and if you leaving on the L131 westwards to Hochdonn. Just follow the signs. You can find the exact positions on the journey page.
Please notice that you'll need to transport your stuff from there to the camping grounds for yourselves but you can work around the heavy situation of the festival terrain this way.

More information regarding parking possibility just came in: you can use the car park near the train station in Itzehoe to Park & Ride to W:O:A. The car park is free of charge for you!
From there, you can hop on the W:O:A Shuttlebus (departing from the train station) and travel directly to the bus stop at the festival area.

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