Metal Church release first rough mix snippet of Suffer Fools

Currently Metal Church are working on a new album that is anticipated to be released in fall this year. Some days ago I posted a audio stream from youtube that featured a re-recorded version of the classic "Badlands".

It showed that Mike Howe is still laying it down heavy on the vocals these days, something that is not certain after so many years in between. But what does this mean for the new record? How has his voice developed and overall: how does the fresh material sound like? Well, you can judge for yourselfs from the small but very fine snippet below that the band released via Facebook.

As for me I can only say: Great snippet from the upcoming album! Like the variations Mike Howe puts inside the vocals very much. Plus the song so far reveals as a midtempo stomping track, something not too many Metal Church songs came along with. All in all things remind me of "The human factor" so far. I'll keep a eye on this for sure.

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