MONSTER releases fun-packed videoclip

One of the best things a band can do in my eyes is to show their fans how much fun they have on stage. Sure, there are a lot of people out there often being musicians themselves who also take a look on the technical side or how certain parts are played. But the fun-factor is something that can go over to the fans and take them into the show. Hopefully it will animate them to have fun and make them listen to the music so they will take a closer look upon the peformance of a band. That's what happened at least to me several times.

This is exactly what the first ever full featured videoclip captures that the thrash metal band MONSTER has been released! The footage was filmed and cut-together by Jörg Harms at this years edition of the Let the bad times roll festival. (taking place in Lower Saxony, Northern germany every year).

Much heartblood has been put into this one, it's sort of video you only get to see seldom - a lot of emotions from musicians and fans in here. You can even re-feel what happened out there while the band was on stage.

Please support this band by buying their full album "The arrival"  for 5 Euro (plus shipping and handling) as a original pressed CD in a jewelcase. Just contact the band via E-Mail if you'd like to have a copy. You can also have a look upon their Facebook page and follow them there so you won't miss out on what the band will do next.

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