New compilation gives overview on folk metal scene in Mongolia

Heavy Metal is a world-wide movement that's what I've learned in all the times writing on this blog. But some regions of our blue planet are still a bit unexplored when it comes to our beloved music. Recently we took a look over to India to see what's going on there but what about the scene in Mongolia?

This lack of information seems to be what some people out there might have caused to start the Mongol Metal website. In their own description they say about themselves:

"(...) Mongol Metal is a heavy metal music organization from Inner Mongolia, China. We promote Ego Fall, Nine Treasures and Tengger Cavalry, three folk metal bands that combine Mongolian folk music with heavy metal, refering to as Mongol Metal, Mongolian Folk Metal, or Mongolian Nomadic Metal.

In their music, Morin Khuur, Throat Singing, Yatga and other Mongolian music elements are widely used.(...)"

To give people out there a quick idea of how this sounds like Mongol Metal has uploaded a full sampler featuring the bands Ego Fall, Nine Treasures and Tengger Cavalry.

So I used the opportunity to check them out and had a great time doing so. What a blast of sheer power combined with some unusual instrumentation and some traditional elements of early Heavy Metal (Throat Singing has become sort of rare these days but it was very common in the beginnings of metal music - thank you for bringing this back with your music!).

Having heard the stuff I'm totally wanting to hear and see more. It's also great to see the musicians dress in the traditional clothes of their region when posing for band pictures. You can see them in the diashow passing through when you call up the startpage of the Mogul Metal Website. 
But first of all have a listen for yourselfs in the player below to discover how the music of the bands sounds like:

You can also buy the songs as digital download through stores such as Amazon, Spotify or itunes. 
Make sure to keep up to date about the further musical development of the Mongol Metal scene via Facebook or check in at their excellent website.

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