September Mourning releases lyric video and expands Kickstarter campaign

The first time I heard about a collaboration between a metal band with the world of comic characters was way back in 1996. Iced Earth released their "The Dark Saga" album, a concept record about the world of Spawn which also was used as a front cover of the album. I liked the record also it was much softer than the very heavy previous effort "Burnt Offerings". The addition of emotions and more variantions in the songs made it interesting for me.

September Mourning makes a different approach. It is not "only" a character in a comic universe but also a woman who performs under the same name and appeareance a combination of dark alternative Hard Rock. The music part of the project has just released their "Children Of Fate" lyric video from their upcoming EP due out this fall.

The character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance, and thus toys with Fate. The real human artist carries positive passions into her music constantly encouraging their fans to have “the courage to embrace their passion… to allow yourself to follow your heart and not be a slave to your fears. To know that the only boundaries that exist in our lives are the ones we allow.”

Currently a Kickstarter campaign is up and running to help bring September Mourning's story from the stage to the pages of a comic book. An amazing all female team has been assembled to bring the story to life. The first issue has already been written by Mariah McCourt, illustrated by Summeye Kesgin, and conceptualized by Emily Lazar (September Mourning) & Marc Silvestri.

At the time I'm typing these lines the project was able to reach their initial Kickstarter funding goal for the first issue of the September Mourning comic book in under 72 hours! The first stretch goal of $20,000 has been announced.

When the stretch goal is reached, every person receiving a print or digital copy of September Mourning #1 will now also receive a corresponding digital and/or print copy of September Mourning #2 with a new Summeye Kesgin cover. This is a completely separate comic and continues the story of September Mourning. This exclusive cover edition will only be available through Kickstarter.

The #2 issue is not a separate pledge level, it's a stretch goal added to all who receive #1. So you can pledge other levels or spread the word about the campaign to your friends to help push over the $20,000 pledge level. You can make a pledge on September Mourning's Kickstarter page HERE. 
A pdf version of the comic is available for 5 Dollar including a free download of the song "Children of Fate". The prices for a  physical copy start at 15 Dollar. Just check the link for more details.

If you'd like to connect with September Mourning make sure to see the Facebook page or have a eye on Twitter or check in at Instagram.

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