CD Review: Suffer No Fools - Songs For The Restless Youth

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Short Introduction 

Suffer No Fools was formed in Ealing in 2015 and is comprised of Ali Khan on vocals, Jack Kirby and Jamie Newdeck on guitar, Alex Bain on bass, and Mike Taylor on drums. The band set out to combine the best of their influences in order to create something contemporary that also harked back to the last few decades of metal. This led to a band that had the speed and melody of Metallica, the groove of Rammstein and the crushing edge of Killswitch Engage.
This EP entiled "Songs For The Restless Youth" is the very first release of the band which saw the light of day in May 2015 on Bandcamp. 

(c) by Mesozord, used with kind permission

Summary / Purchase Links / Player

This record has hit me like a storm! Wow, for sure a real pure thrash album but also not just one of the many. What's so different here? It's first of all the little details the band worked in on the songs. Just for example there are all these melodic, relaxing guitar parts in "The Bombing Campaign" plus the very melodic chorus which set's deep in your mind once listened to it. Then we have the track "Prey" which has a very unusual clean guitar going with it in the songs refrain. It's otherwise a raw and typical thrash metal track but this little element harks back and makes you give it a re-listen.

Then there are the vocals that are held in a bit softer tonality than usual thrash vocalists keep them - but I like it that way. It gives a bit more relaxed feeling when listening to them - something that's a big pro in my eyes since some thrash records tend to be a bit exhausting while listening to them. Just hit the play button and start enjoying this cool record.

The EP has a good variation of songs on them, it's midtempo as well as tracks going straight to the meat with more speed. You can easily headbang along to them but also pick them up later to have a closer listen. Most of all the music never get's monotone and has many parts in them that invite you to re-listen to them. So it's well worth spending the 4 GBP on them for a download in various formats on Bandcamp. There's also a very limited edition run as a physical CD up for purchase for all those people living in the UK.

Please support the artist by buying this recording and go to their shows. We need such talented musicians putting out so diverse and fresh records much more in my ears. If you prefer to buy your music on other sites than Bandcamp you can pick up the digital release on itunes, Spotify as well as on Amazon MP3.

Also make sure to visit the band on Facebook since they are going to play some shows in support of the record, just check in to see a detailed list of dates. There's also the possibility to keep in touch with the band on their ReverbNation page or have a look on Youtube to keep a eye on them. Soundcloud users can also stream and connect with Suffer No Fools through their account on that service.

Track-by-Track Review

The intro to the EP. A dark und mysterious theme comes close to the listener. You can feel that something is coming near, yet you don't know what it is. It feels like some powers above you choose your destiny in those moments - like putting it together on a big map. Finally the guitars come in with distortion so you know the band is setting up and the storm is about to come down...

2.The Bombing Campaign 
Rough guitars start this one out leading you in step by step. Slowly the pressure builds up to explode in a double axe heavy hitting attack with accompaining drums. The vocals step in giving it back a relaxter feeling and a bit more melody back into the song. A slow intermission leads over letting you miss the refrain and bringing you to verse two. More crushing guitars ripp up the track before some clear guitars form a softer breaker into the track. The refrain shows up for the first time and the whole structure is repeated afterwards. A extensive solo-parts comes in before the clean part returns. The end brings back the beginning theme so the circle is perfectly closed on this one.

3. Prey
A straight and direct riff opens this song up. A short shredding intermission leads over to the refrain which has this clear, high notes in them I mentioned at the summary section. Very unusual and not heard often such idea will you surely turn your head and wanting to have a replay. Maybe you'll like it as much as I do - a big contrast to the traditional thrash song structures but a idea that's highly welcomed. There's more of that towards the end in a own clear section of Prey.
4. Forgiven Or Forgotten 
It's time to headbang a lot if you've not already on the previous tracks already. The most straight forward track of the record going directly to your ears and wanna surely make you have a party with your friends. Just forget all the troubles with the world and enjoy this one! The song has some cool specials in them like the distorted vocals at the beginning or the double-bass drum attack at the last third of the song leading to a very blistering solo bursting out of the music. Love this one!

(c) by Carly Marson, used with kind permission

5. Abyss
A bit more epic intro opens up to a midtemo piece of music with fast drum-fills in them. The refrain comes more stretched yet as a very welcome diversity for the writer of these lines. It's a very atmospheric element the refrain creates. Once more something that goes out of the usual song structures and gives a feeling of freshness. Guitars and drums go in a very close hand-in-hand connection on Abyss. Details have been outworked very sharp, must have surely taken some time to get this on that level on tape.
6. Dirge Of The Old Gods 
A classic riff open this one up very shortly. Short and sharp riffs are fired out very well together with much diversity on the drums pushing it through various changes in speed. Reminds me a bit of the compact riff-hacker Testament sometimes composes yet vocals are formed much more around the songs structures to fit in with groove and riffing structures. 
7.Into The Breach
Some open riffs start this shotly before a massive double-bass drum patters puts in more pressure to the final song of the EP. The refrain is stretched a bit more out before a riff change leads in some distorted vocals and opens up the way for a very compact riff intermezzo in a sort like the old In Flames had them back in the day. The drummer puts in some very hard timing-critical parts in here, reminding me a bit of Slayer with Dave Lombardo. More sharp riffs make me feel so good, sounding like the guitars were directly fusioned with drums, a totally tight sound mixture comes your way. Great ending for a great EP!

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