INDIAN INVASION 2015: free online compilation of metal bands from India

The metal scene in India is very active and alive! If you're following this blog regulary you know that the bands from that region like Bevar Sea, Grey Shack or Inner Sanctum have released great material in the recent time or are at the moment working on new releases that sound already very promising from the previews available.

But what about all the other bands from there? How do the bands from that part of the world sound like, what is their (fresh) attempt on Heavy Metal music? You can easily check that out for yourselves with the brand new free sampler "Indian Invasion 2015" which has been set up for free download as well as for streaming on the pages of the excellent Headbangers India blog. 

The package is completed by fine artwork from Headbangers India author Ishaan Kumar.

(c) by Ishaan Kumar / Headbangers India

These bands and tracks are featured on the Indian Invasion 2015 compilation:

01. Albatross – Jugglehead the Clown
02. Heathen Beast – Drowning Of The Elephant God
03. Dormant Inferno – Deliverance
04. Sycorax – Designing Eradicaton
05. Bevar Sea – Where There's Smoke (There's A Pyre)
06. Primitiv – Lords Of Primitiv
07. Zygnema – The Phoenix Effect
08. Against Evil – War Hero
09. Shepherd – Spite Pit
10. Chaos – Violent Redemption
11. Demonic Resurrection – Trail Of Devastation
12. Before The Holocaust – Clockwork Orange
13. The Minerva Conduct – End Creation
14. Biopsys – Surgical Symmetry
15. Trinergic – Rise Of Xyrith

Inside the zip file weighting around 161 MB in size you'll also find a pdf file with detailed information for each band. It contains links to websites letting you quickly gather more information about the artists (mostly their sites on social networks) so you will quickly have a good overlook on the featured styles. Further links for streaming more songs and contact data as well as URL's for purchasing the full releases are provided in the document.

One thing I can promise to you: it will be a journey letting you discover bands you don't want to miss out anymore. The bands have created exciting songs which combine the best from the past and present days of Heavy Metal history. And while you're waiting for the download to finish why not log in to your favorite social network and let your friends know about this free sampler? They'll for sure like to know about this cool summer goodie!

It's also a good choice if you know a friend out there celebrates it's birthday and you're on the lookout for a proper gift. Just link him to the compilation and I think that will be one thing he'll remember being a something special even years later.

By the way: this is already the second compilation released by the crew of Headbangers India. If you would like to get to know some more bands from India just see my post about the first sampler which is still up for streaming and free download.

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