Interview with magician Joel Givens (Magic That Rocks)

Some illusionists draw a lot of inspiration from metal music and it's themes and use the music for their shows. The "Raising Hell" video from Iron Maiden came to my mind when I thought of where I've first seen something that is a collaboration of these two styles of art.

Anyway, these days magic is often performed directly at the street or at a venue directly before the eyes of the crowd or one single person. Sometimes it's a small group of people who are involved in the scenery.

That means the tricks that are shown are different of course (not performed in a big format on the stage alone) but nevertheless they can still be very impressive. I always like to see those stuff, it somehow has a calming effect on me and I like it to see a illusion that's not explainable from the outside. I love not to know how the trick is done. For me it should be seen as a special moment in time, a gift that is given to you.

(c) by Joel Givens, used with kind permission

One of them is Joel Givens, a magician who performs especially for the stars of screen, sports and music like Godsmack, Pat Benatar, Michael Jordan, Yes, Dan Akroyd, ZZ­Top, Kevin Costner, Train, Third Eye Blind, Like A Storm, Peyton Manning, Alice Cooper and others as the "Magic That Rocks". Have a look upon the ring-trick that the magician performed for Godsmack frontman Sully Erna & drummer Shannon Larkin backstage at the 2015 Carolina Rebellion, May 2, 2015-Charlotte, NC.

We here at Metal Underdogs had the pleasure to ask Joel a few questions about his job and how it came together that he spezialised in performing for musicians in the area of Heavy Metal.

Metal Underdogs: How did you come to perform magic arts? 

Joel Givens: As, a young kid, around 10 i had a family friend show me a card trick and showed me how to do it. i did that same trick for the longest time. as fate would have it a book fair come through my school and i saw a book on magic. i bought it and learned the tricks in it. in middle school and high school, i always played with various tricks and was something i always did, adding routines all along. then in the early 90’s companies started asking me to do some of their events so i started doing corporate events for money and have continued ever since.

What made you move over to perform for musicians, especially for those playing the more heavier side of music? 

its the style of music i listen to on a daily basis, so it seemed like a good fit, doing magic and creating routines with Guitar picks, drum sticks and things that metal or rockers would use. and as i listen to music of the people that i like I’m always getting ideas for tricks based on lyrics etc. it has just been a natural process for me.

Joel Givens with Godsmack frontman Sully Erna & drummer Shannon Larkin

Since Joel Givens performs at VIP areas and for big bands: can "normal" people also witness your performances live?

Yes, “ Normal” people can. at all the events i do, I’m always out before the shows and after hanging out and showing people the things i did for the stars. they will ask what i did and how they reacted, so i’ll do some of the same routines for people to give them an idea. a lot of the times after the bands are done they will go hang out at a local pub, and over a few beers i’ll do some stuff also.

Is there a way to get access to these performances?

Yes, we are offering tickets to fans of our site and Facebook page. a few of the concerts we are giving away tickets and the meet and greets with me as part of a contest. sometimes the questions are about the band or band members. sometime its about the new cd coming out etc. the winners of the contest gets to go back with me and meet their favorite stars.
If you've become curious now head over to his Facebook page and who know's maybe you're the next one who get's involved in one of his tricks. One can never know.

As one more teaser to Joel Givens abilities here is another one of his tricks. It's called "Shadow Coins". Go and find out what it is all about and let the magic take you away for a while...

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