Pre-listening of the new Tad Morose album St. Demonius

The full new Tad Morose album is up for listening. But better hurry, it's only online 'til friday. You can check it out at the website of the Decibel Megazine. The official release date is 28th August 2015. If you can't purchase the record at a store near you then you may order through the webshop of the band's record company Despotz Records.

Having heard the first half of the record I was very satisfied what the band has put out this time. Most of the tracks are midtempo but with steaming heavy guitar riffs and most of all very, very high pitched vocals. To me it sounds like a mixture of the new Tad Morose that we experienced on "Revenant" with elements of the past, most of all the "A Mended Rhyme" album came to my mind but without any keyboards in the sound at all. Therefore guitar effects have been used to give the tracks a deeper and atmospheric flair. Like that a lot. Can't wait to hear the second half. :-)

The band will be on tour in Europe in a good week. If you want to check out the dates just see my article about it.

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