Senate of Prevail look back on the past time with new video

Memories can be sweet gifts. Sure they also can be bad and often we tend to look upon the bad those. It's so easy to forget the good things that happened in a world that is filled with problems.

Anyway, the swedish band Senate of Prevail currently is on hold after having powered all around for nearly a full year with recordings and live performances. They gathered some fans during that process including me and I've posted many of their stuff here on my blog. Just click this link to get a fast overview on those posts. I miss those days...

Happily the guitarist Peter Jonsson recently looked through the band's video archives and compiled a clip showing some nice scenes of the band's history. He also mixed a older track of Senate Of Prevail called "October Sky" and put both things together. The video shows material that has never before seen in any of the band's videos that came out during the last months.

It's well worth checking out. It's the music but also the memories that got me so quickly. My favoite scene is Anton Forsman playing the drum kit at the start of the video and looking like the "Wasn't I supposed to do this?" look at the end and then Pecka Wexell (the drummer of the band) comes rushing in with the forklift as some sort of reaction. :-) 

Enjoy these sweet memories and keep an eye on the band's Facebook page. Who know's maybe one day they'll be back? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that!

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