Strangelet hitting the road 2015

In the very first days of 2015 I discovered a young band called "Strangelet". I remember it was a very cold day I heard and saw the video for "Privilege of Power" on the screen and was immediately blown away. This brandnew band provided this feeling of a typical hungry underground band that is going straight to the heart with it's direct and raw power.

What me amazed even more was the fact that the band produced the whole album "First Bite" on their own (except for the mastering) and that the sound comes in crashing as a full blown, professionell production. I think that's besides all the other stuff that bands have to fight with something not too many acts come around with. But you can easily check out the quality of the band for yourselves in the video below.

In the time since those days the band was able to do a couple of shows and will do some more in 2015. You can see them on the following dates here in southern germany.

(c) by Strangelet, used with kind permission

If you would like to buy a copy of their album "First Bite" for 10 Euro you can contact them at their website or Facebook page. After all I know: I'm tainted forever. ;-)

Update 2015/09/18: The band currently is taking part in a online voting for a slot on this years  METAL HAMMER PARADISE Festival (13.11.2015) featuring acts like "Helloween", "J.B.O.", "Black Label Society", "Destruction", "At The Gates", "Rage" and "Sepultura". Please take a minute and support them by voting for Strangelet. Your vote could really help to push the band further on their way. Thanks!

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