BangerTV starts up with first videos on youtube

Sam Dunn is a well-known name in the world of Heavy Metal documentaries. I was first introduced to his work as I saw the documentary Flight 666 which shows Iron Maiden touring around the globe in their own airplane.

Next was the Metal Evolution series which was the first that gave a detailed insight into the history of Heavy Metal with focussing on one subgenre and it's development in each episode. He also was the first to set up a proper family tree of our beloved music from the beginnings up to today. But what is he up to today?

Sam Dunn's newest project is called BangerTV. Details on the full BangerTV channel launch are still to be released but at the moment fans can already preview some stuff from BangerTV through the Youtube Channel. Here's a short overview of what you can watch right now. You can find the proper videos through the name of the category that it is labeled with (for example Raw and Uncut Lamb Of God )

Raw and Uncut - The very best interviews from Banger's 10-year history, with brand new director's commentary from Sam Dunn. Check out interviews with Bruce Dickinson, and a young Lamb of God.

This Band Changed My Life - From the extensive interview archive of the creators of BangerTV, metal musicians share the artists, albums and concerts that made them who they are today. Here's one example of that:

Metal Giants - New original interviews with metal's legacy artists. Starting with Kerry King from Slayer and Nergal from Behemoth.

New clips will be added every week. To get notified on the further developments connect with BangerTV using Facebook or subscribe to their E-Mail-Newsletter on their homepage or add the Youtube channel to your watch list.

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