Final Coil reveal new acoustic track

Sometimes there are videos out there that give you this feeling from the start that something special is hanging in the air. It's as if a certain feeling or moment has been captured within a melody or the full song. This track then stand's for something and more than anything that could ever be said with a million words it tells you a story that you can re-feel.

That's what happened to me when I first heard and saw the brand new Final Coil song for the track "Failed Lights". It's starting with this soft melody and starting to drift onwards from there before coming to a rougher climax towards the end that you nearly have the feeling as if you'd been on a journey to a place far away. The last soft notes give it something even more special when returning to the soft style of the beginning letting you alone with your thoughts. Just try this out for yourselves in the video below.

Keep a eye on the band's Facebook page so you won't miss out on the further activities of them. The band is also playing a one-off acoustic date at Duffy's Bar on Thurs 8th October. so you might be happy to catch them live.

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