Interview with coverartist Roberto Toderico (todericoart.com)

Here we go with a brand new interview in the series of talking to coveratists who should be afforable also to small bands out there in the Heavy Metal cosmos.


Roberto Toderico
This time we had a word with Roberto Toderico, known as todericoart out there. Located in south Italy, Roberto mostly focusses on doing artworks for extreme metal bands. Amongst the most famous cover he did so far you'll find some works for bands like Sinister and Asphyx.

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The Interview

Heavy Metal Underdogs: What were your first steps in painting / creating artwork? Did you already work on this in school?

Roberto Toderico: I started drawing as a child... Then my first "step" was classic vandalism at school: drawing logos, skulls and stuff on desks and walls... with markers, pens, knives, fire... i was pretty creative! eheheh Then quit art for more then 10 years cause of my job in graphic and advertising... but i was really un-happy with that job, i'm glad i stepped out of it!

Why have you specialised in extreme music? Is there something that you favor in this music direction compared to other styles in Heavy Metal?

I think it's not only about the music since i listen to all kinds of metal (not only the extreme), much probably it's my taste for horror and supernatural that pushed me to stay focused on extreme metal... But right in this period i'm working for various act in classic heavy metal (Tygers of Pan Tang for example) and even prog/aor projects, I enjoy testing my fantasy in various directions.

Looking at some of your works on Facebook you seem to prefer the more black-and-white painting technique. Do you prefer it or is it that the bands ask for it?

The so called "old school" art, those grim lineworks in black ink, are deeply radicated in Death Metal as much as in me: it's a raw form of art, very instinctual, very effective...
I don't have a preferred style but, if i have to create something the traditional way, then i totally stick to black inks!

Which painting techniques do you prefer overall?

Acrylic painting actually but hope to have enough time to test oil painting one day!

What does inspire you to paint? Are there different sources where you draw it from? How much input does come from the bands you work with?

With no doubt I am the classic metalhead of the 80's: i'm all into horror movies, comic books, videogames... and Metal does the rest! Many great artists of the 80's inspired me and even if i produce a lot on digital art, i feel like my approach is not "modern" at all...When discussing with bands about concepts i'm opened to all ideas: even the worse one can be developed in a good artwork using the right style and creative approach...

Many of your works show monsters or mutilated humans. Could you also imagine to work on real life stuff?

Sometimes I do work on real life stuff... but reality kinda bores me. I do real-life mostly for practicing.
I'm not really into gore horror even! my favourite kind is surreal art with dark-occult atmosphere... but if the bands ask for gore... they'll get it for sure!

You recently held a exposition at Faust Fest VI. How did you choose the artworks for the event? Can you already say when the next exposition will take place? Is there maybe also a way to meet you personally at a festival or something?

Well my art expos are really rare cause i spend most of the time producing art and when i have a break i prefer to stay in the moshpit... this is how i intend a vacation! :D
For the Faust Fest VI expo i've choose a series of traditional arts made on classic poster paper, i like the rough impact of gig posters, i totally love them!
The easiest way to meet me is to check my page on facebook and see all the gigs i'll try to attend douring the year: it worked pretty good at Party.San 2015 i love to have good time with people at gigs! Anyway, art expos are still in plan for the next year... so stay tuned! ;)

Can people buy prints of your work?

I'm working hard on it and soon will be possible, the best way to be updated on my projects is my facebook page www.facebook.com/todericoart  , i'm also working on a personal brand for merchandise and tons of more things, i love to keep myself busy 24/24 ! ;)

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If you'd like to get in touch with Roberto Toderico please use one of the links below.

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