Metalheads help Refugees with download sampler

Currently a lot of people are fleeing from the desolate situation in their home countries. They hope to find a better way of living in other parts of the world. But their start into the new life often is a problem. Some don't speak the language and most of all they are not common with the new situation and surroundings.

Happily there are organisations out there that help these people out. But of course these organisations need to have the money to be able to help. Radio Diabolus has decided to set up a call to the bands out there. Bands are able to contribute music to a sampler that is released via Bandcamp in two parts. It is a non-profit sampler - all proceeds will go to organizations helping and supporting refugees. Part one has been released yesterday and can be streamed for free below. If you'd like to support this great idea please head over to Bandcamp and buy the sampler for 7,49 Euro. It features 20 tracks in total.

Since so many songs were contributed so far the organizers decided to split the release into 2 volumes! The second one will be released in about 2 weeks. Bands and artists who still want to join sampler vol. 2 can still send the digital material until the 21st of September 2015.

The songs need to meet the following conditions:

- Songs must be in 320 KB MP3 format.
- Songs must sound clear and mastered - Please NO Demos.
- Band biography
- Band picture if available

It doesn't matter whether the band is under contract with a record label or not because it is not a sampler only for newcomers. If the participating band has a contract binding we would need the label's permission to use the song for the planned sampler.
Please send entries to: this E-Mail adress.
(please use the sampler title in the subject line)

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