New Tenants to crush crossover sytle with more heavyness

Do you remember how the 90s turned out for the Heavy Metal Scene? Crossover was the big sign of time at this period bringing a new look upon our genre with mixing in unusual elements to the sound like Rap and a lot of electronic stuff.

These days things have become a bit silent around the bands of those times like Rage Against The Machine or Limp Bizkit. Nevertheless there is a new band coming up from the underground that I could imagine to take over. They are called New Tenants and are located at Buchloe, Germany (Ostallgäu). The band was founded in 2013 and describes their style as "Rapcore" mixing together elements from old-school-hiphop with the heavyness and explosive elements of Metal.

(c) by New Tenants, used with kind permission
In contrast to other bands they put in a more explosive element to the sound which gives it more power. It's like when you know something has been set on pressure for a long time in the sound and then finally there's the little spark bringing it all out to to set everything on fire and burst all around. That's what makes this band so enjoyable in my eyes. Plus the vocalist really works the lyrics out in a powerfull way giving it a faithfull note so you know that he knows what's he's talking all about. But best of all check it out as usual for yourselves on the Bandcamp player below.

The album is available for 6,99 Euro on Bandcamp. Also don't miss out to take a look upon their accounts on Facebook, YouTube or Backstage Pro to make sure you won't miss out the band's further activities. For example some live shows are said to be announced soon.

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