Warfield release old-school thrashing video for "Barrage Fire"

Allright, the weekend has finally arrived for all of us. The perfect time in my eyes to let some pressure burn that has been built up in the recent days. One of the best ways to do so in my eyes is to grab some good old thrash classics and then headbang like there's no tomorrow. :-)

Happily young bands are still around that haven't forgotten all the lessons of the classic past but also maintain the style with adding own trademarks to the typical rough and pushing sound of this metal genre. A good example for that are Warfield from Germany.

(c) by Warfield, used with kind permission

While their sound reminds me on a first listen a lot of old school Bay Area bands and german classics such as Sodom or Destruction it also quickly becomes clear that they've added a straight forward feeling to the sound. It's not that monotone soundwise it goes with more diversity and most of all it's more direct and heavy leaving behind everything that could lead to a feeling of "the band has fiddled around to much with this and that". It's easier to go out of yourselves with the music. Just try it with the video below and have fun.

Lyrically the band set's a focus on political and social mistakes and also keeps a eye on the wars going on these days.

The band has put out a EP in 2014 entitled "Call To War" which you can purchase right here. 

You can see Warfield live during the following shows in Germany:

10.10.15 Zweibr├╝cken
11.12.15 Mainz
16.01.16 Landau
12.02.16 Kaiserslautern

Also make sure to check out their social sites such as Facebook, Youtube or BackstagePRO.

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