Chasing Dragons funding upcoming album teaser EP

Leeds, UK based Metal Band Chasing Dragons are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help getting the cash needed to record a 3-track record, fully produced by Lee Batiuk of Regal House Studios, featuring songs from the debut album "Faction".

The EP entitled "Faction: Prologue" is meant to be a teaser to the band's upcoming first full length record that the Chasing Dragons are working on since some time. Having found a new bass guitar player in the meantime the band decided to give the album the time it needs to be a decent recording. Since the fans are waiting for new material it sounds a good idea in my ears to build a bridge to the debut record with a EP teaser.

Being a independent band the campaign has been set up to raise the money for the whole recording process as well as for creating a video to help promote the release. The goal has already been reached but there's still time to reserve your copy and help the band to get a bigger and better PR & radio campaign and produce more merchandise for their fans.

There are lots of nice goodies available at the Kickstarter page to choose from that many fans may like, amongst them singing along to one of the EP's tracks, a guest appeareance in the music video as well as music teaching lessongs for vocals or drums via Skype or also in-person. You may also go on stage with the band during their set if you decide to choose that reward. The basic download comes along for 3 GBP and the other options are of course a bit more expensive.

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