Drooble - a network dedicated to the needs of musicians

Social sites are important to a lot of people these days. As you can see on my blog I include links to plattforms where you can connect with bands and musicians nearly with every post. 

But all of the functions offered on those sites doesn't fit very much for the needs of musicians. I mean: you can read/listen to the stuff, you can write with people, give your comments etc. but it isn't very interactive when it comes to making music itself and earn money with your skills. The existing tools also only fit slightly to create a community, a one-stop place to bring all the people together that are living and loving music from their heart.

Here comes the good news - a team of enthusiasts lead by Melina (a guitarist and a brave entrepreneur) are building a project that is already making a Revolution for all people who love music.
Melina, Founder of Drooble
Imagine a place where you could connect with people who are passionate about music. Where you can learn from others and share your own knowledge and inspiration. Imagine a place where you can grow as a musician and earn a living doing what you love.

This place is Drooble – a web-based platform that connects all people who love music - fans, learning musicians, music teachers, performing artists and bands, record labels, booking agents, sound engineers. Everybody.
Right now in Drooble people can:
- Jam online for free
- Give lessons and get paid
- Take lessons and get better.
- Create Artist/Band Pages
- Find Bandmates and like-minded people

It sounds pretty cool, so if you don’t want to waste another minute, join Drooble today at Drooble.com. It’s free.

If you'd like to know how much the people creating the Drooble network are musicians themenselves just check the video below. It shows Traiko and Melina doing a Joe Satriani cover while taking a small break from working.

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