Elferya streams first track of new album "Eden's Fall"

Female voices can be such a strong element in the sound of a band! This sentence came to my mind when I listened to a track of the brand new Elferya record, that has hit the shelves exactly one month ago.

(c) by Elferya, used with kind permission
This one touches my mind so deeply because it has such a intensive atmosphere to offer. That starts out with the many variations in the vocals in the first part of "Cruel Night". If fits so perfectly to the stomping power and the heavyness of the track.

The second part is set up with the music taking a bigger role and getting louder all the while. Yet the vocals keep up it's massive impression on the listener. It all comes over to me as a sort of musical expression full of passion. It feels as if you're giving your all and everything of  your spirit and the feelings of this very moment into this one piece of music. Just check out this epic piece of music.

Elferya are a melodic symphonic power metal band based in Switzerland. Also the band is unsigned yet they managed to gather quite a impressive Fanbase on Facebook already.

(c) by Elferya, used with kind permission

Elferya is going to celebrate the album release with a mini-tour in their homeland starting already today. Here are the dates.

10.10.2015 Switzerland, Avenches, Aventicum Culture Club

23.10.2015 Switzerland, Versoix, Caves de Bonséjour

30.10.2015 Switzerland, Echallens, ZR Live Music

29.11.2015 Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7

You can purchase the full length album directly through the band's webshop. If you're yet not sure if the record meets you expectations check out the album trailer below. It is short, but gives a good overview on the album and also some insight into the recordings of the record. Also make sure to see the official website for more album trailers and videos.

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