Groove Thrashers Amentia look into the Eyes of Medusa

So last time I posted here I looked back soundwise on the beginnings of the Thrash Metal scene with the album stream from Aggravator's current output "Populace Destructor".

But how can the Thrash genre go on forwards and evolve further? Maybe a look to Sweden can help here. A band named Amentia currently is in the process of recording for the upcoming release. Two bandmembers should be familar to readers of this blog: Peter Jonsson (guitars) and Peter Wexell (drums). Both were already active in Senate Of Prevail (who are currently on hold) and have made up this new band.

Amentia describes their style on the Facebook page as Groove Thrash Metal. Maybe the groove element can help to bring in some new variations to today's Thrash scene. I think it's also a question if some variations can be integrated into the material. Diversity is what makes songs more attractive, exciting and less monotone in my eyes. Besides that band's playing this style these days are playing it a lot harder and heavier than ever back in the day. I often wonder how they make it possibe to bring in even more power to the sound.

This also goes for the first single Amentia have put out. Entitled "Eyes of Medusa" this is for sure a massive track! I like the heavyness of this one. Ludvig Setterlind's voice sounds hard and dark and I often wonder about the bandwith he is able to sing. But it's great to hear it also comes with some variations in the mood. Very haunting moment when I heard the slower part for the first time. Just check out the video to find out if you agree.

If this video has made you curious longing for more just head over to Amentia's Facebook site. There you can find some more trailers the band has already uploaded for you to enjoy.

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