Happy Halloween with free Freakangel Live DVD

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! Tomorrow night is the night of horror. :-) Have you prepared yourselves for trick or treat? I have done at least a little decoration for my flat. This shows the windlight mummy I've build with simple parts.

My self-build windlight mummy :-)

Here's how to build your own one: all you need is a old and clean sausage glass. Wrap it with a gauze bandage. You'll need to fix the beginning and the end of the badage with some tape. Don't overleap too much or the candle won't shine through enough. Finally take some black paper and make two black dots with a perforator. Cut out two round pieces out of white paper. Affix both on the bandage and put a lighted tea candle inside of the glass.

As for the real metal treat I've found this nice one for you:
It is the full concert DVD of Industrial-Metal artist Freakangel who have released their live DVD "The Show Of Violence" for free. It includes is a 45 minute live performance video that was filmed during Freakangel's "The Ones To Fall" tour in the winter of 2014 in their home town of Tallinn, Estonia. The full DVD-HD recording can be streamed for free via the bands website as well as Freakangel's YouTube Channel. Freakangel states "They have made the video available for free to thank their fans for the many years of support". The video can be found below.

"The Show Of Violence" is also be available as an eleven track live album. It has been released as a digital only album by the Belgium based label Alfa Matrix. It can be purchased HERE. Finally: have a good Halloween party!

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