PANIKK release free EP to pass the time til the next album

So Nuclear Assault, the legendary thrash metal band from the USA that played the music in such a traditional way without any modern elements put inside their sound has announced to call it quits after the upcoming EP release and the following shows. To explain the split-up I remember that the band said in a interview that they all have different lifes to follow these days which keep them busy and don't allow them to keep the schedule like back in the day.

But who will carry on the torch? PANIKK seems to be the answer. Their music reminds me a lot of the old times when I used to meet with friends and listen to records from bands like PANIKK. I like the oldschool sound, it makes it clear from the beginning that you listen to stuff from the traditional style without all the modern stuff attached. Besides the reference to Nuclear Assault I think they add slightly elements of technical playing techniques that give the sound a very sharp approach when it comes to timing and precision. Think of the way Megadeth and Xentrix like to write their music.

The band has already a full length album out since 2013 titled Unbearable Conditions. At the moment they are recording the follow-up album. Since it takes a lot of time to record a full album that meets the high standards that are set in the thrash genre these days it is scheduled for a release in 2016. Having thought on the support from the fans the band decided to release a free EP to give their followers something to cross the waiting time.

(c) by PANIKK, used with kind permission

Properly labeled as the "Pass the time" EP you can download it directly from the Bandcamp site of their new label Xtreem Music or have a first isten to it directly here on my page. Note that the content of the EP can be described as all killers, no fillers. To be honest I've been blown away by the power and precision along with the tyical fun feeling that listening to thrash can give you. It's a record I love to hear.

If you want a physical copy of this EP, which comes as a limited edition, you can buy it directly at the band's own Bandcamp site for just 2 Euro.

To buy a CD copy of their debut album "Unbearable Conditions", click here.

Don't forget to like them on Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with them about the further progress of the upcoming album.

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