Solution Cycle to play second show at church in Germany

Last year I wrote about the Metal band Solution Cycle that played a show at a church in Nortrup (Germany). It was sort of a experiment. The local priest wanted to know if it is possible to mend elements of Heavy Metal music with the message and the content of a workship service.

This year will see the second installment of this event on 6. November 2015 at the Dorotheenkirche (located near Osnabrueck). Following the success of the last year the same band will contribute music again. But there will be a difference. This years edition will focus on a special topic - it's all about death. In the dark ages the death was represented by the reaper. He was dancing with helpless humans to lure them to hell.

So there will be a mixture of a theater play of the reaper scene with the melodies and the music of Solution Cycle. The organisation was done by the local priest Uwe Brand along with pupils of the vocational college of Bersenbr├╝ck. Currently the show is in the final preparation stage and a TV station called NDR has posted a article on their website in german. There is also a video up for viewing as well as some pictures giving you a idea of what's going on. You can see the people in action and hear some sounds of the band.

The band Solution Cycle has a page on Facebook where you can keep in touch with them and follow the further progress of the show preparation.

Update 2015-11-11: The show was a big success, many people showed up and the band played more songs than they had planned on that evening. You can get a idea of the event by checking out this article, once again of the TV station NDR. It features a nice description of the unusual show along with some pictures and a short video showing some reactions of visitors of the workship service. A daily newspaper called "Meppener Tagespost" also included a article about it with some pictures on their website. 

Update 2015-11-13: Some more articles have surfaced. This one is of the german TV station SAT1 and has a cool video on it which features some footage of the live-show as well as interview material.  Some more media was present at the show. This time german TV station RTL showed up and also captured some scenes for a video that is now up on their website.

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