Surroundings speak about Elizabeths lost love in new video

Do you think it is possible to regain a love that is lost? Or are things between two hearts forever gone once they break up? Well, maybe these thoughts were running through the minds of the melodic hardcore band Surroundings when they wrote the song "Elizabeth".

The even more cool feature of this track besides the topic is that it is the first of a suite of two related singles, the other one called 'Jane', coming soon. I think many people out there will be able to relate to what can be seen in the video. I think everyone has loved at least once in his life and knows how it is if you want that person back because you miss that beloved person so much...

Leigh Kendell from the band says
"In a special place, Elizabeth is looking for a love long lost. She performs the ritual, a sign of what they once had. Creativity and artistry once brought them together; now it is their only hope to find each other again."

Musically I was very surprised that besides the brutality of the music the band found a place for melodic elements in the band's sound and that the vocalist also shows different sides of his voice in the track. Just give the song a chance don't judge too fast. I nearly was about to give up when I realized that this has some special elements lying inside the band's sound which make them quite different from other hardcore band's with a similar tonality. The song changes quite a lot through it's different stages also the overall feeling is very heavy.

It comes out the most intense, melodic and with a surprise towards the end of the track. This first song makes me curious on how the other single could sound like. And how may the story go on? Will it go on or will "Jane" come with a completly different idea that just is related to the same topic? I am keeping an eye on this for sure!

Elizabeth is looking for her lost love... (c) by Surroundings, used with kind permission

Following the success of their debut album 'Of Bane Burden and Change'- Australia's Surroundings have come back with new members and a new single, to showcase their unique take on modern heavy music.

You can purchase the single from https://surroundingsau.bandcamp.com/ or on Itunes shortly.

Upcoming shows:
20th & 22nd of November with Saviour (reunion shows)

Follow the band through their social accounts: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/surroundingsau
Instagram: https://instagram.com/surroundingsau/

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