BaXnug prevent musicians from becoming tired

In my eyes we live in a world that is often hard and filled with things we don't know how to handle. Music is a great way of having a little escape from all that and lifting one up when things don't look bright. Many bands often add a bit of fun stuff that gives you back your smile.

These thoughts came to my mind when I saw the video of the band BaXnug. It reminds me a bit of the older videos of ZZ Top. While the music comes along in a serious and quality style the video comes around with a lot of fun that made my day and made me move on.

For instance BaXnug introduces the kangaroo tail (the Baxxaver) for human beings in this video. It has been invented to prevent musicians from becoming tired when having to stand the whole time while playing music. Once that problem was solved a new genre was definded: "Ergonomic Rock".

Since the one-man band was able to save energy through the use of the Baxxsaver they were able to create a much more energetic record than other bands could ever have done. Check out the track "Counterattack" in the player below to have a potion of fun and straight forward Rock 'n' Roll.

The album truly has a really rocking cool vibe to it. If you want to hear more of the record just check out the trailer on YouTube.

If you like to support this cool project don't hesitate to head over to digital stores such as Amazon, iTunes or Google Play to purchase a copy so the band can continue to put out more fun stuff for all of us in the future. A closer look upon the website will also reveal more funny details about the device as well as the band.

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