CD Review: Sorrows Path - Doom Philosophy

Band Introduction
Sorrows Path was formed by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar) back in November 1993. The doom metal band from Greece is inspired by bands like Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. After many ups and downs the band finally found back to it's form and has released the full-length album "Doom Philosopy" in 2014 via Iron Shield Records.

(c) by Sorrows Path, used with kind permission

The album is a definite fest for all the dedicated fans of the doom metal genre. It offers 11 in-depth studio tracks that have been worked on with love and passion. The songs range from the midtempo open "Tragedy" over to a fast hacking  "A Dance With The Dead" that finally builds a bridge to a slower middle part of the record which consists of a good buch of slower tracks. Finally the record comes to an end from the start of "The Venus And The Moon" with more faster tracks which bring back the more rough edge of the sound. The final instrumental song "Damned (O)fish-L.S.D." is a absolute killer, bringing the technical abilities of the band up to the point.

If you love to listen to your music very closely and intensively you should give this band a listen, it's music coming from the heart and you can hear that the band put much heartblood and effort in making this record a reality.


As for me personally I prefer the faster tracks of the record since the slower one's can feel a bit lenghty at times. The track "Epoasis" is a good example for that. The longer, slow introduction together with the hard, ripping guitar riff gives the track a special note. It's cool to have two solo sections in there. The same goes for the song "Tragedy". It has a cool rhythm with it that reminds me a lot of the good old Memento Mori. "A Dance With The Dead" hits it very hard, pushing the band's sound to the heavier limit. 

Anyway two songs of the slower part need a special mention in my eyes. First of "Everything can change". It features guest performances by two well known names in the metal universe, you can hear Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Therion, Dream Evil e.t.c.) and Edgar Rivera (ex-Solitude Aeternus) on this one. I like the message of the lyrics. The song is outworked the very well, I think the band added some unique elements to the traditional doom sound on this one.
"Epoasis" will last in your mind for it's longer, slow introduction together with the hard, ripping guitar riff that gives the track a special note. It's cool to have two solo sections in there.


There isn't a full album stream available but I put the two official videos for the album up here. Those should give you a good first impression on the band's sound. The other tracks can be heard as short previews for instance on Amazon which gives you a 30 second glimpse on each track.
Purchase-Link / Contact Data

You can purchase the album at the band's website for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling as a physical CD or get a digital copy on stores such as Amazon or CD Baby.

Currently (December 2015) the band also has a special offer up and running. It contains the CD along with the official T-Shirt as well as a patch for free altogether going for the price of 20 Euro plus 5 Euro shipping and handling in a registered mail. The package is available through Paypal, orders can be placed through the merchandise-subsite of the band's officlal Headquarter on the World Wide Web.

If you like to stay in touch with them, make sure to see the band's Facebook page.

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