Silent Line release concept album talking about being lost on a island that fades away

Some bands these days really have a idea of how they can capture one's attention. This thought came to my mind when I head about Silent Line's new album "Shattered Shores". Not only was I curious to get to know more about the band after I read that they make Melodic Death Metal in the style of old In Flames (and old Amorphis also comes to my mind when listening to them) but moreover the album concept got me quite quickly.

Having read about the concept I ended up listening to the album teaser numerous times. Please don't blame me if the same thing will happen to you yearning for the full record at the end of the day. ;-)

It is the band's first attempt on a concept record that depicts a tortured island stuck in time being slowly worn away by an endless ocean. A single person is referred to throughout the album and everything is told from their point of view as they wander, stuck on the island -- unsure of how they got there, and unsure if they will ever leave.

The cover expresses the concept perfectly in my eyes. Just look at the rocks. They show the signs of time and one can easily say that they will break away soon. (c) by Silent Line, used with kind permission

The lyrics revolve around the themes of overcoming hardships, anxiety, and “weathering the storm” in order to persevere. The title track is split into two parts, and throughout the album several thematic riffs and lyrics are repeated, creating a motif for listeners. The title references being stranded and trapped forever as the shores become more eroded and the reality of isolation sets in.

Themes of frost, snow, fire, night, and stars are used to illustrate feelings of hopelessness, fear, and loss. Another recurring theme is the storm, which brings change and renewal; it is – for lack of a better term – the symbol of hope and of a brighter future.

The band had the aim to create a album that leaves hope at the end of the day. Silent Line said about the record in their own words:
"(...) It’s not meant to be depressing, but it deals with real issues and lots of the time those are not pretty. While it is a darker album, the message is not. Overcoming internal issues and feelings is the prime focus, and to describe how important that is, it is necessary to spend time describing the more pessimistic side of things and what makes it so crippling.(...)"

Just check out the trailer to get a idea of the sound of the band and record. You can buy the full album as a physical CD over at CD Baby or digitally through stores such as iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.

For more info about the band and to stay in touch with them make sure to see the Facebook page of Silent Line.

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