X-Mas-Gift 2015: 50 Track sampler from Asher Media

Happy X-Mas everybody! We've finally reached the end of the year so it's time to unwrap all the christmas packages that (hopefully) come along your way.

(c) Asher Media Relations, used with kind permission
We here at Metal Underdogs can also hand one big package over to you. This one comes from Asher Media who have put out a band sampler counting 50 Bands with a playing time just under four hours for your enjoyment.

It features a lot of great bands I already had the pleasure to listen to. Be happy and prepare for some fine thrash from Fallen Angels as well as some Melodic Death Metal from Silent Line or enjoy more relaxed and fun metal stuff from Psychostick. It's all inside this big pack! Just head over to Bandcamp to start downloading your free goodie or stream it directly here from the page.

About: Asher Media Relations is PR company based in Montreal, QC that aids bands both well known and independent getting heard and read about in rock and metal media around the globe for nearly a decade. For more info, please visit the following links.

Website: www.AsherMediaRelations.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsherMedia

Twitter: @AsherMusicPRGuy

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