Album preview: Van Halst shows diversity of female voice

After a longer period you can find more bands out there that are centered around a female voice these days. While I like these bands a lot I missed one little element: the use of the whole spectrum that women are able to sing. Edmonton based Goth Rock Metallers Van Halst seem to be of a similar opinion.

It's cool to hear that Kami Van Halst dominates as the vocalist performing both growls and soaring vocals in their sound. It's also great to hear that the music shows a bit more of ups and downs which makes listening to their music much more exciting. The first single of the upcoming album "Save Me" is a good way to start discovering this great band.

The second single "World Of Make Believe" continues where "Save me" left off and gives even more room for the voice and puts the musical elements in bit a softer spotlight so the voice can breathe through clearer.

I'm looking forward to this release which will see the light of day on March 4th. The album can be pre-ordered via Van Halst's Bandcamp page.The album cover looks already promising. Who know's what lies beyond the portal the person is about to enter? Well, I think we'll find out on another day...

(c) Van Halst, used with kind permission
If you want to follow the band on the journey to the album release don't hesitate to check in at their social plattforms such as Facebook or Twitter.


Unearth hidden underground demo gems with free download sampler

Big names were once small one's... Do you sometimes find yourselves looking through your collection and finding old records of bands that sadly never made it out to a bigger audience? This happens often to me.

I recently took a look at some demo tapes I bought quite some time ago and thought about those bands again. Mostly it was the case that I went to their shows and was excited to see and hear something new. So often I found myselves purchasing those stuff after the show was over directly out of the hands of the artists. What a great feeling to buy directly from those who create what we all love and like.

It's cool to see the same thing seems to happen in other parts of the world, too. It's a great to see that others also do care about this stuff and try to save it from the dust of time. One that I just ran across is the Texas Metal Underground Records label. Read below what's their mission and pick up the nice goodie they offer you.

Texas Metal Underground (TMU) Records have released their first ever free digital music sampler featuring one full mp3 song from their entire re-issued curated catalog releases.

(c) by TMU Records, used with kind permission

TMU Records has provided the following mission statement:
"Since 2008, TMU Records has been unearthing lost and unheard musical gems from the fertile underground Texas metal scene of the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s. To preserve and share this heavy musical legacy, the label focuses primarily on bands who burned bright, briefly, but disappeared without a trace before anyone could take much notice.

Bands who managed to get a demo recorded but for reasons unknown never shared it beyond a close circle of friends and fans. Whether on vinyl, CD, or cassette, all TMU Records releases are given lavish treatment with custom packaging, unseen photos, show flyers, interviews, informative booklets, rare bonus tracks and extras for the denim and leather die-hards.

For 2016, look for upcoming deluxe vinyl releases from Karion, Las Cruces, Bad Heaven, SSR, and more!

TMU Records digital music sampler tracklist:

1. Broken Teeth - Flame Thrower
2. Baron Steele - Night of the Wolves
3. Sentinel - Panzer Attack
4. Wicked Angel - People of the Black Circle
5. Meddallion - Stormbringer
6. Final Vengeance - Darkside
7. Wicked Step - Rock N Roller Masses

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing from this location.

For further information on the label make sure to see the TMU Records website and if you'd like to purchase one or more of their releases just click on to the Bandcamp page. Most of the stuff is available in various formats so you can pick exactly what you need.

Here are some of my impressions that I had while I checked out the free compilation: The backside of the compilation shows how much love the people behind the releases spend on this. Every band is featured with a little image of the cover. Above you'll find the original band logo and a short discription underneath the image gives a quick idea of the band's style as well as information on the re-release special features. Don't miss out these gems.

While I'm typing these lines I'm enjoying the track included of the Baron Steele camp. How much I love the rough style of demo recordings. And it's cool to hear what this band contributed to the sound of their time. Hope many more will appreciate this. And while you're enjoying this why not go out and support demo band's of today's as well? Go and give them the support you're able to give'em. They are the source of tomorrow, our future. Never forget that. Big names were once small one's.


CD Review: June 1974 - Atlantide (2014)

I've seldomely ever heard that someone managed to change between various styles in such a cool way. But this instrumental one man project of Federico Romano really gives me hope that breaking barriers between various genres isn't that hard to get by. Read now what I've found out while listening to the "Atlantide" EP.

Short Introduction

June 1974 is the musical project created in late 2009 by Federico Romano,an underground writer of poems and short stories.His kind of music is indefinable because every song embraces different styles from dance to rock to classic/ hip hop  music. So June 1974 is 360 music degree only for open mind listeners.Till now June 1974, has published more than 250 songs(singles+ep+albums) available on all digital stores worldwide thanks to Visionaire Records (his record label) .

Atlantide is the title of this EP published in November 2014 that cointains two songs in rock electro classic post shoegaze style mastered in Iceland by Birgir Jon Birgisson at his Sundlaugin studios ( Sigur Ros / Alcest / Mum ) available on all digital stores worldwide by Visionaire Records. Meanwhile June 1974 has published other singles in 2015 and now is working hard on the new album that will be avalaible in middle of 2016.

Cover artwork by Soey Milk (c) by June 1974, used with kind permission


The EP is a cool surprise item if you're looking for a gift to someone you know that is completly open to all sorts of music or just yourselves if you like to listen to all possible styles of music. This said it's sure that this release contains a good potion or Rock music with slightly heavier parts in it as well as soft parts of the more ambient direction.

But it's far more than that. You'll listen to pop elements as well as have your ear on some nice electronic elffects in it. Some sounds give a ghostly feeling while others sound very experimental and it's hard to say how that effect might have come together. Sounds like the composer tries out effect stuff and various set-up's while creating his music. Some melodies will stay in your mind for some time due to it's strangeness or typical melody.

EP Overview

The record starts with the slower and soundwise softer "Follia". It starts out slow but just wait a little and the track moves on and starts to evolve through it's duration. You may not think that it will be very different throughout the whole track but just relax and enjoy. Have you ever listened to something similar like this? I love people who create such soundscapes for all of us.

The second number "Atlantide" is of the more abrassive way of music. It comes with more distortion. You'll easily point it out as a rocking track. It has less of it's haunting moments but takes it's energy more of the heavier riffs that are built in. The rhythm patterns are also chosen in a much heavier way. Nevertheless it has also a outworked song structure which let's us discover various moods throughout the musical journey so it's not just a Rock song all the while.

Player & Purchase-Link

The EP consists of two tracks. That seems not to be much but please keep in mind that those tracks come along with a duration of 24 minutes alltogether. The download costs 2 Euro for the whole EP on Bandcamp but looking at the whole diversity and big musical bandwith it covers should be a good pick for fans of various genres. Enjoy the stream to find out if the EP meets your taste of music.


Contact Data

If you enjoyed the music make sure to see the other releases of June 1974 on Bandcamp and make sure to keep a eye on the Facebook page of Visionaire Records for all the upcoming info on this project.


Exarsis helps people in need with care packages

Instead of talking about crisis and problems greece Thrashers Exarsis have decided to do something against the problems that really need a solution. They invested the mony they got for shooting their second video clip "Change of Plans" into food and other stuff that people living in the streets (immigrants, homeless etc.) desperately need and went out to share the care packages.

The whole action was filmed and is meant to be a motivational example for all the people watching it. It should engage people to follow the band's idea and help those who are in need. That's in short the message behind the clip like the band pointed out in a statement underneath their post of YouTube.
Heavy Metal Underdogs would like to support this great idea with sharing the video all around. I hope many people will pick the idea up and start something similar usefull like the band did with their time and money.

Exarsis are going to hit the road in a few days playing shows all across Europe together with Suicidal Angels, Lost Society and Fuelled By Fire. Check the flyer below for a city near you.

(c) by Exarsis, used with kind permission
The track is the second single release of the current output "The human project". For more information on the band make sure to see their Facebook page or keep a eye on the band's website.


Justice Theorey release group-playthrough video for new single

If you've ever wanted to know instantly how to play that brand new track you've just heard from a band then Justice Theorey give you a chance to quickly get the idea of how to play that track properly.

Entitled "Necessary evil" the thrash metal band based in Finland have not "only" released that brand new song to the public but along with it a video with the mentioned insight of how to do it. The song itself is kept straight forward in a hard and dry way. I like the way of the production. It gives all instruments as well as the vocals the possibility to come out clearly. You can hear exactly what's going on, it's not so much confusion in it where you just have to listen several times to get through the various parts to point them all out.

Justice Theory plays a release show for the single/video at Rock Club Lutakko, Jyväskylä (Finland) on January 23rd 2016. So make sure to be there to give the band a good feedback for this excellent track.

Also make sure to follow the band further using Facebook or Twitter. This video has made me curious on the band so I've given 'em a like.


CD Review: Running Death - Overdrive (2015)

Short Introduction

The thrash metal band Running Death is located in Kaufbeuren, Germany. In the year 2012 the band managed for the first time to be heard and saluted outside of the Thrash Metal underground, thanks to their EP titled "The Call Of Extinction". Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started to become a trademark of Running Death.

The band constantly played shows ever since. The band took the experience they were able to gather and wrote the full length "Overdrive" which saw the light of day in early 2015.

(c) by Running Death, used with kind permission


This is Thrash 'n' Roll at it's very best! Just think of a combination of the classic Overkill Thrash metal style mixed up with a good potion of Rock 'n' Roll. The most outstanding elements are the bass guitar sound which will remind you a lot of D.D. Verni's sound and the vocals which are set a bit apart of the typical Thrash Metal sound with it's more own styled way of keeping it flat instead of screaming it out high pitched.

Besides being influenced a lot from the big names in Thrash the band breaks up with the standard songwriting formulas as often as possible. You can hear that the tracks are meant to sound direct and brutal but the band build's in changes on the tracks as often as possible. This gives the tracks a lot diversity and you can never be sure what may come around next.

Overall I like that the album has a hard sound but also leaves room for some coolness and most of all a lot of groove. It doesn't give you the feeling that it's all just bare heavyness but it's also catchy at some points (just think of the track "Mercenary" - the riff has stayed in my mind for quite some time). 

Album overview

While the first half of the album is more kept in the brutal and fast scheme of thrash metal it's mostly the second half which has picked up more of my attention and enjoyment.

The second half starts with the soft intermission of "Deludium" a much welcomed breaker with only silk guitar sounds. The next track "Mercenary" goes in heavy styled as the first five tracks of the package but has a breaking point in it where it goes over to a more rhythm oriented song structure that holds a lot of fun for the listener.

The same goes further on with "Pray for death" as well as on "Reduced" as well as on "Overdrive". The tracks simply have a heavier Rock 'n' Roll attitude with them compared to the first album half. If you like to listen to some thrash that comes along a bit different I suggest you to check the mentioned songs first. I think you'll be enjoy this fresh wind of thrash metal air.

Purchase-Link & Player

The album is up for purchase on the Bandcamp page of Running Death. A dowload of the twelve album tracks will cost you 10 Euro but the pressed CD comes for the same price plus shipping and handling. If you live in Germany you can get a CD copy without having to pay for shipping. The full album is up for listen on Bandcamp so I've included the stream below for you to check out.

Contact Data

Get in touch with the band using their Facebook page or follow them via Twitter to stay up to date for all the further updates.


Arcade Messiah show Split Screen video of recording sessions

These days artists are going to start working on new records much faster than in older times. I can remember that you had to wait for new albums much longer back in the 80's/90's. The internet wasn't around like it is in present days so there was no way you could pick up a first glimpse into the record.

Sometimes print megazines made a visit at the recording studios of the bands if they were able to and could listen to a few snippets every here and there. You could read about their journey to those studios and what they thought about the new material in the next issue. Now these days bands often reach out early to the audience and let them have a look into the new record already in a preview stadium.

One of these previews that just came out is of the instrumental metal project Arcade Messiah. The latest record II came out by the end of November 2015, you can check out a detailed review of the album here at a blog post of mine. These days John Bassett has already begun working on album three.

This video shows how he experiments with "(...) a slightly fuzzier sound on the guitars, and a different chain of effects. " as he explains in the description underneath the video. The cool thing is that he presents the stuff step by step. Each segment has been added separately merged together in a  split screen video.

Don't miss out the further creation process of the new album and start following Arcade Messiah today through Facebook or take a look at the homepage from time to time.


Avantasia to play at preliminary round for Eurovision Song Contest

Yeah, sometimes news come rushing in you can't believe. This is one of those.

The well known metal opera project Avantasia of Edguy frontsiren Tobias Sammet has announced to play at this years 2016 edition of the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Wow, what a honour. This is a contest with a long tradition. Mostly it is well known for bands and single artists in the pop world but surely it is a great opportunity to promote some metal music on TV. The show is going to take place on 25th of February 2016 and will be broadcasted through TV. I'll add more details here in the article when I run across them, like the exact time for the show as well as (hopefully) links to where you can all watch the event.

Update 2016/02/19: On the website eurovision.de you'll find the livestream of the event.
German TV stations ARD and EinsFestival will broadcast this starting on 20:15h via their frequencies on german television.
You can read more detailed info about all the bands that will participate as well as about how to vote for your favorite band on the website of the Eurovision song contest Stockholm 2016 (sorry, only in german available). 

In the meantime you can already check out the song the band is going to perform at the preliminary round of the ESC. The track is called ‘Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose’.

Until the big event takes place you can listen to the official album trailer for the upcoming Avantasia album "Ghostlights" which will hit the shelves of the CD shops on 29th of January 2016. As always it will feature a massive guestlist. Just hit the play button to be introduced to the line-up as well as the chance to check out the cover art and to check out some info on the various release formats.

Finally here is a list of the upcoming tourdates for the worldtour which will start in March 2016. Some venues are already sold out, so better hurry if you want to get a ticket for one of their shows. Ticket can be purchased over at Avantasia.net

04.03. D - Berlin - Huxley's*
05.03. D - Hamburg - Große Freiheit* - SOLD OUT!!
06.03. D - Bremen - Aladin*
08.03. UK - London - The Forum*
09.03. F - Paris - Le Trianon*
11.03. E - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 1*
12.03. E - Madrid - La Riviera* - SOLD OUT!!
13.03. E - Madrid - La Riviera*
15.03. D - Frankfurt-Langen - Stadthalle*
16.03. CZ - Prague - Forum Karlin*
18.03. D - Kaufbeuren - All-Karthalle*
19.03. D - Bamberg - Brose-Arena*
20.03. D - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle*
22.03. I - Milan - Alcatraz*
24.03. CH - Pratteln - Z7*
25.03. CH - Pratteln - Z7*
27.03. SK - Banska Bystrica - Ice Stadium*
28.03. SK - Bratislava - Sportshall*
29.03. A - Tröpolach - Full Metal Mountain Festival
31.03. D - Saarbrücken - Saarlandhalle*
01.04. D - Ludwigsburg - Arena*
02.04. D - Fulda - Esperantohalle*
04.04. H - Budapest - Baba Negra*
06.04. RUS - Moscow - Ray Just Arena*
09.04. JP - Tokyo - Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball*
24.04. BRA - Sao Paulo - Espaco das Americas*
08.-11.06. S - Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
01-03.07. FIN - Helsinki, Tuska Open Air
06.07. D - Flugplatz Ballenstedt - RockHarz Open Air

Update 2016/01/13: Brand new US/Canada tourdates have just been announced.

APRIL 13 - CANADA - Toronto, Queen Elizabeth Theater
APRIL 15 - USA - New York, Playstation Theater

More dates will be announced. Check in at the band's Facebook site or take a look on their homepage to stay up to date.


CD Review: Heat Of Damage - Open Fire (2015)

Short Introduction

Heat of Damage writes and performs an edgy and eclectic mix of rock, metal, and alternative music. Their debut EP Orenda was self- produced in the drummer's garage and was released in 2013.

Since then, the band has performed at numerous venues in the Sacramento area. The group released their second EP, the Lifestyle EP, in September 2014. The title track was featured on Sacramento’s 98 Rock Local Licks show for three weeks running. Lifestyle's "Apocalypse" was released soon after and earned the 2nd spot on 98 Rock's Local Licks Most Liked Songs of 2014 Countdown Show.

Following the local success of the Lifestyle EP, including two 2015 Sacramento News & Review SAMMIE award nominations for best teen band and best hard rock band, the band entered the studio with with producer Matt Thomas in Sacramento to record their first full-length album, Open Fire, which was released in October of 2015.

(c) by Heat Of Damage, used with kind permission


This band introduces a great mixtures of elements of Metalcore (vocals on some points), classic 80's metal (guitars), alternative metal (production) and also a lot of atmosphere from American punk bands and lifestyle. In fact it is one of the biggest surprises that came my way in a long time. While listening to their material is sort of relaxed and uplifiting yet very powerful it also expresses a lot of aggression partly through the vocals, something that give's the listener and writer of these lines a redemption feeling.

It lives from the tension between the heavy riffs, hammering drums on the one hand and the easier feeling that comes along through the vocals in most of the vocals, except for most of the refrains (the mentioned Metalcore heavyness steps in at those parts).  Looking at the fact that this is their first full length release this seems to me one of the bands that could really contribute to the further development of Heavy Metal music without leaving all the roots behind.

Album Overview

If you wanna get quickly started I can suggest the first single "Judgment Day" to you (it's song number two in the album stream below). It's a blast with a lot of drumming that made me speechless. The drummer really hammers and nails down each and every single whole that ever was. Meanwhile the guitars maintain a sound with much volume and classic metal guitar songwriting. Overall you'll hear what the vocalist has to offer. Does this give you as much positive vibes as it does to me? Then don't move, just relax and listen further.

The next track "Accessory" keeps the pushing and heavy tonality up. It's maybe one of the roughest tracks of the package giving you the "let the pressure burn" feeling. After all you may want to relax a bit. The half ballad "Fade Away" will give you a moment to breathe. Happily it's not too flat, while the music is much softer than before it still has a lot of atmosphere in it. The feeling keeps authentic transporting a lot of emotion through the music.

The second batch of the album track offer more complex tracks. "Veil of Authority" stands out with it's diverse vocal performance. The motions change nearly with every single text line so does the music goes with it through all the up and downs until a blast scream sends some salvation at the end. "Osprey Drive" goes with a similar feeling but is parltl lighter than the previous number.

Katie Robinette contribute's some guest vocals to "Heaven", a slightly easier song before "The Greeding Party" gives you yet another kick in the face and the hymn "Any other way" with a typical earcatching hookline marks a proper closing line to a great album.

Player and Purchase-Link

Thankfully the band offers a full album stream via YouTube giving everyone the fair chance of listening to the whole album without any risk in advance. Hit the play button and enjoy listening to a great new band you don't want to miss anymore once heard.

The album is up for purchase as download on sites such as  iTunes, CDBaby or Amazon.

Contact Data

Also make sure to see the band's social domains of sites such as Facebook, Twitter or check in to their homepage since the band has some shows coming. Here are the next one's that have been announced so far:

Jan 30th
Saturday at 7:00 PM
The Boardwalk
Orangevale, CA

Feb 3rd
Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Ace of spades
Sacramento, CA


Not By Sight talks about overcoming hardships in first lyric video

How do you go along with the hardships of life? Well, for me music has become a good way of clearing and sorting things out. In addition to that it has proven to be a motivating element in my life that pushes me forward.

It also were the lyrics which often grabbed my attention. More than only once they contained helpfull advice or I felt I wasn't alone with what I was going through at that moment. The text often brought up for thought was going through my head.

Americans have a different attempt on expressing such topics in their lyrics I've found out. They often use different words or phrases than others do. You can check that out for yourselves with the video of Not By Sight who have put out their first single and lyric video for the track "Stand". Maybe you can relate to some of the words in the music because "STAND is about overcoming adversity in life and using that adversity to strengthen and elevate you." as Jane Train, the vocalist of the band points out.

This project features some well known names on the instruments amongst them Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Eye Empire, Dark New Day, Saint Asonia), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence, Seether, Dark New Day, doubleDrive), and Morgan Rose (Sevendust). This song was produced, and mixed by Corey Lowery.

In October of 2014, Corey, Jane, and Troy tracked new songs with drummer Morgan Rose of Sevendust. This project is currently in the works to complete an album.
Not By Sight also play shows here and there but the live line-up is a bit different compared to the one that makes the studio recordings. It features:

Jane Train (Vocals) (Liz Phair)
Virus (Guitar) (Device, Dope)
Troy MacLawhorn (Guest Guitarist) (Evanescence, Seether, Dark New Day, doubleDrive)
Rek Mohr (Bass) (Call Me No One)
Ryan Bennett (Drums) (Eye Empire)

The next show open to general audience has been set up for

Gin Mill and Grille, 1750 Main Street, Northampton, PA
The band will open up for Puddle Of Mudd. Tickets are available at location 

If you like what you hear don't forget to purchase a copy of the song and stay up to date about the further development of Not By Sight through connecting with their social sites on Facebook, Twitter or check their homepage from time to time.

(c) by Not By Sight, used with kind permission


Queen Elephantine add mediative elements to psychedelic music

One of the nice things when running a blog like this one is the chance to discover not only unknown bands but also sometimes unravel mysterious bands than go different ways than other combos do. One of them seems to be Queen Elephantine, a band which saw many lineups as well as changes of locations they are living in. Their vita lists New York, Hong Kong or Rhode Island as places where they made music and as different as these places are so is their musical journey going which can be called a collection of dark psychedlic tracks that have a deep meditative sphere in them.

Queen Elephantine live in Boston 2013, (c) Quenn Elephantine, used with kind permission

It's with a lot of pleasure that I can bring you one track of their recent output called "Omen". The whole record which the band speaks of as a EP has a playing time of around 70 minutes. It goes all in all in a sort of drone and psychedelic music direction outliving the extremes of the musical spectrum but I think people open to taking new courses in their musical journey will love to have the chance to discover something new and unique in here.

Don't let the unusual song structure confuse you - the track slowly builds up over it's duration. The drums keep a static rhythm while the guitars add to the monotone form. Slowly distorted vocals keep coming in and the whole procession moves on forward until some sort of climatic ending comes in.

If you like this track don't hesitate to head over to the Bandcamp page of Queen Elephantine and have a listen to the rest of the album. That's also the place where you can  purchase a copy of the band's current output. The album has been released through the French label Atypeek Music on further plattforms such as Amazon, or iTunes.

Also make sure to take a look upon the band's plattforms throughout the Internet such as Soundcloud, YouTube or go the traditional way and take a look at the band's homepage for more detailed info about 'em.


CD Review: Sanktuary - Winter's Doom (2016)

Short Introduction

Power thrashers Sanktuary greet from the harsh and blisteringly cold of the deep far North of Canada's Yukon Territory situating themselves in the city of Whitehorse. They have been trekking across the country for the past 6 years to bring their fierce and dynamic high speed riffs, catchy hooks, and belted out lyrics to the metal crowds.

A collective vision that began in high school with a group of like-minded teens fed up with the constraints of mainstream music who wanted to emulate the lifestyles of their favourite bands. Their straight-forward, no-bullshit attitudes shape their signature brand of heavy metal, which has led them to release the full length, 2013's 'Something Fierce' that reached #19 on the national college radio loud charts, 2011's 'Tundrastruck' split with Nova Scotia’s Black Moor and Montreal's Metallian plus two EPs 2010's 'Black Magic' and 2009's self-titled.

2016 see the band's return with their new album 'Winter's Doom' set for release on January 22nd, 2016.

The cover for "Winter's Doom", (c) Sanktuary, used with kind permission


If you keep holding on to the thrash metal classics of the likes of Metal Church or Exciter then this album is for you. It feels far less calculated and overproduced like a lot of thrash metal albums sound these days. That's what came to my mind when I listened to the record. The cool thing is that it brings back the fun of the old days.

For instance there is this remarkable power drumming on the album. It's what has always pushed and kicked me when I listened to Metal Church and I love it so much. The vocals shout it out short and loud, it comes directly from the heart. Finally the six- and four-strings all give their raw and powerfull sound that will make you bang your head all the time. It's these crushing riffs that blast the way all through the record not waiting for just a single second but always heading on forward, never looking back all just going for the next riff and blast. You'll love to listen to Sanktuary once you do.

If you prefer thrash of the dirty, hard and old times don't miss out this great record. It's a 2016 record but you'll feel as if the good old times never passed you by. Finally a band that doesn't give in to the all-to-modern stuff but instead kicks it out loud, hard and with attitude and much power. You can feel that this is handmade, no electronics or overproduced stuff in here. Just 100 percent pure great old-school thrash all the way!

Album overview

Then there is this going straight forwards attitude on the songs. There's no holding back, the band goes directly all on it. This said it doesn't mean there is no diversity on the album. Actually it's way around. "Winter's Doom" features eight tracks that are different from each other. I'll pick out some highlights right here to give you a little idea of what to expect of the album.

The second track "Wild Is The Wind" exactly stand's for what you would expect of it from the song title. It goes out vicious and wild with a midtempo song structure that is surrounded of hard-hitting riffs and a refrain that won't leave you sitting silently on your chair. It call's out "Let's do it, let's have it people".

L-R: Anders Grasholm - Drums | Cole Hume - Bass | Alan Binger - Vocals, Guitar | Glen Emond - Guitar, (c) Sanktuary, used with kind permission

After this storm the band changes and shows a different side of their musical abilities. "Curse Of The Vermin" starts out with a slow, old-school like intro. The following rhythm is a mixture of the midtempo and highspeed drumming completed with more complex riff structures and the vocals keeping it much sharper, shorter and harder. With a duration of around seven minutes this one is the longest numbers of the record.

The title track "Winter's Doom" kicks you to yet another side. One of my favorite tracks of the record. A fast paced riff hacker going straight all on it. Then there is this section where the band let's the guitars burn for a while just to go over to a more melodic classic part rounded out with sharp-sounding solo's  "Corpse Blockade" deserves a mention. A full-fun track with a great scream-along chorus with it. I think you'll love this once you've heard it.

Player and Purchase-Link

Since the album is yet to come (release date is January 22nd 2016) there isn't a full stream out yet. If the band will set up a album stream I'll add it here of course. So far two tracks are available out there. One of them is the opener "Space Race" which you can listen below. The second single "Corpse Blockade" is exclusively up for listening on the website of PureGrainAudio. These guys also offer you a free download of the track so don't miss out your chance to pick up a free copy of that song.

Update 2016/01/22: Today is the day! The band has set up a full album stream. Enjoy this great thrash album.

Update 2016/01/19: A few days before the album release metal-rules.com has been given the honour to stream the full record in advance, so just head over to listen to the brand new Sanktuary on their website.

Update 2016/01/08: The website Metal Snob has premiered the album track "Vermin Lord" on their site as stream. They also have a giveaway contest up and running where you can win one of two copies of the album. All you need to do is to make a proper picture of yourselves showing you as a mighty warrior from the grim darkness of the frozen north.

The album is up for pre-order through the band's Bandcamp page. It's fairly piced at just 4,99 CAD for the high-quality download or a few bucks more (6,99 CAD plus shipping and handling) for a copy on a silver disc. Please support such great guys and pick up a copy. Bands depend upon the support from the fan's so there's nothing better than handing over some money for all the fun they provide (life wouldn't be bearable for me without music from bands like this one).

Contact Data

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COS releases face-expressive video for Left Scarred

Happy new year everyone! Heavy Metal Underdogs wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2016. Let's start into the new circle with a great video of Corners Of Santuary. I think you'll see why I picked their video for posting here on the site - like the idea and way it was outworked. 

How much expression can be transported through the human face and body? A lot if you ask me. The traditional Heavy Metal Band Corners of Sanctuary has released a video for the track "Left Scarred" which gives a excellent expression of the lyrics through vocalist Frankie Cross. The black-and-white styled video completly centers around his performance of the lyrics/vocals through his body and face and I think he has done a great job on that.

But how does it feel to stand in front of a camera during the video shot? I often asked that myselves and here's some insight given from the frontman of Corners of Sanctuary Frankie Cross: "When action is called you must immediately immerse yourself not only in the music and words but in the reality of the song core itself and stay in that mental combat zone until cut is called. “Left Scarred” is not only the title but a tapestry of horror and hope.”

Corners of Sanctuary takes to the road in 2016 in support of the Metal Machine album with the “Wrecking Ball Tour”. A new crowdfunding page has been created to assist in supporting the band’s efforts and is now live at their official website.

Fans’ financial support is being gifted with several Official COS Metal Machine Merchandise Packages which include autographed photos and CDs, concert shirts, patches and supporters having their names listed on the COS website.

(c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Upcoming 2016 Corners of Sanctuary shows:

Jan 2nd - The Met - Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Jan 16th - Music Rocks Autism Showcase - Live at the Nail - Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Jan 22nd - The Grog & Tankard – Stanford, Virginia
Jan 23rd - The Riff House - Chesapeake, Virginia
Jan 30th - Reverb - Reading, Pennsylvania
Mar 4th - The Maywood - Raleigh, North Carolina
Mar 5th - Memories - Waldorf, Maryland
May 13th-14th - NEPA Metal Meltdown Fest - Pittson, Pennsylvania

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website and Facebook page.