Album preview: Van Halst shows diversity of female voice

After a longer period you can find more bands out there that are centered around a female voice these days. While I like these bands a lot I missed one little element: the use of the whole spectrum that women are able to sing. Edmonton based Goth Rock Metallers Van Halst seem to be of a similar opinion.

It's cool to hear that Kami Van Halst dominates as the vocalist performing both growls and soaring vocals in their sound. It's also great to hear that the music shows a bit more of ups and downs which makes listening to their music much more exciting. The first single of the upcoming album "Save Me" is a good way to start discovering this great band.

The second single "World Of Make Believe" continues where "Save me" left off and gives even more room for the voice and puts the musical elements in bit a softer spotlight so the voice can breathe through clearer.

I'm looking forward to this release which will see the light of day on March 4th. The album can be pre-ordered via Van Halst's Bandcamp page.The album cover looks already promising. Who know's what lies beyond the portal the person is about to enter? Well, I think we'll find out on another day...

(c) Van Halst, used with kind permission
If you want to follow the band on the journey to the album release don't hesitate to check in at their social plattforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I've had the pleasure of hearing the entire album and there's not a single song that doesn't catch me in some way. Kami's voice is superb, her range is incredible. The songs themselves also range from beautiful ballads to hard and heavy, this band shows incredible diversity in what they play, and they play it well. Such a talented bunch of musicians back these vocals.