Arcade Messiah show Split Screen video of recording sessions

These days artists are going to start working on new records much faster than in older times. I can remember that you had to wait for new albums much longer back in the 80's/90's. The internet wasn't around like it is in present days so there was no way you could pick up a first glimpse into the record.

Sometimes print megazines made a visit at the recording studios of the bands if they were able to and could listen to a few snippets every here and there. You could read about their journey to those studios and what they thought about the new material in the next issue. Now these days bands often reach out early to the audience and let them have a look into the new record already in a preview stadium.

One of these previews that just came out is of the instrumental metal project Arcade Messiah. The latest record II came out by the end of November 2015, you can check out a detailed review of the album here at a blog post of mine. These days John Bassett has already begun working on album three.

This video shows how he experiments with "(...) a slightly fuzzier sound on the guitars, and a different chain of effects. " as he explains in the description underneath the video. The cool thing is that he presents the stuff step by step. Each segment has been added separately merged together in a  split screen video.

Don't miss out the further creation process of the new album and start following Arcade Messiah today through Facebook or take a look at the homepage from time to time.

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