CD Review: Running Death - Overdrive (2015)

Short Introduction

The thrash metal band Running Death is located in Kaufbeuren, Germany. In the year 2012 the band managed for the first time to be heard and saluted outside of the Thrash Metal underground, thanks to their EP titled "The Call Of Extinction". Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started to become a trademark of Running Death.

The band constantly played shows ever since. The band took the experience they were able to gather and wrote the full length "Overdrive" which saw the light of day in early 2015.

(c) by Running Death, used with kind permission


This is Thrash 'n' Roll at it's very best! Just think of a combination of the classic Overkill Thrash metal style mixed up with a good potion of Rock 'n' Roll. The most outstanding elements are the bass guitar sound which will remind you a lot of D.D. Verni's sound and the vocals which are set a bit apart of the typical Thrash Metal sound with it's more own styled way of keeping it flat instead of screaming it out high pitched.

Besides being influenced a lot from the big names in Thrash the band breaks up with the standard songwriting formulas as often as possible. You can hear that the tracks are meant to sound direct and brutal but the band build's in changes on the tracks as often as possible. This gives the tracks a lot diversity and you can never be sure what may come around next.

Overall I like that the album has a hard sound but also leaves room for some coolness and most of all a lot of groove. It doesn't give you the feeling that it's all just bare heavyness but it's also catchy at some points (just think of the track "Mercenary" - the riff has stayed in my mind for quite some time). 

Album overview

While the first half of the album is more kept in the brutal and fast scheme of thrash metal it's mostly the second half which has picked up more of my attention and enjoyment.

The second half starts with the soft intermission of "Deludium" a much welcomed breaker with only silk guitar sounds. The next track "Mercenary" goes in heavy styled as the first five tracks of the package but has a breaking point in it where it goes over to a more rhythm oriented song structure that holds a lot of fun for the listener.

The same goes further on with "Pray for death" as well as on "Reduced" as well as on "Overdrive". The tracks simply have a heavier Rock 'n' Roll attitude with them compared to the first album half. If you like to listen to some thrash that comes along a bit different I suggest you to check the mentioned songs first. I think you'll be enjoy this fresh wind of thrash metal air.

Purchase-Link & Player

The album is up for purchase on the Bandcamp page of Running Death. A dowload of the twelve album tracks will cost you 10 Euro but the pressed CD comes for the same price plus shipping and handling. If you live in Germany you can get a CD copy without having to pay for shipping. The full album is up for listen on Bandcamp so I've included the stream below for you to check out.

Contact Data

Get in touch with the band using their Facebook page or follow them via Twitter to stay up to date for all the further updates.

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