COS releases face-expressive video for Left Scarred

Happy new year everyone! Heavy Metal Underdogs wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2016. Let's start into the new circle with a great video of Corners Of Santuary. I think you'll see why I picked their video for posting here on the site - like the idea and way it was outworked. 

How much expression can be transported through the human face and body? A lot if you ask me. The traditional Heavy Metal Band Corners of Sanctuary has released a video for the track "Left Scarred" which gives a excellent expression of the lyrics through vocalist Frankie Cross. The black-and-white styled video completly centers around his performance of the lyrics/vocals through his body and face and I think he has done a great job on that.

But how does it feel to stand in front of a camera during the video shot? I often asked that myselves and here's some insight given from the frontman of Corners of Sanctuary Frankie Cross: "When action is called you must immediately immerse yourself not only in the music and words but in the reality of the song core itself and stay in that mental combat zone until cut is called. “Left Scarred” is not only the title but a tapestry of horror and hope.”

Corners of Sanctuary takes to the road in 2016 in support of the Metal Machine album with the “Wrecking Ball Tour”. A new crowdfunding page has been created to assist in supporting the band’s efforts and is now live at their official website.

Fans’ financial support is being gifted with several Official COS Metal Machine Merchandise Packages which include autographed photos and CDs, concert shirts, patches and supporters having their names listed on the COS website.

(c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Upcoming 2016 Corners of Sanctuary shows:

Jan 2nd - The Met - Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Jan 16th - Music Rocks Autism Showcase - Live at the Nail - Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Jan 22nd - The Grog & Tankard – Stanford, Virginia
Jan 23rd - The Riff House - Chesapeake, Virginia
Jan 30th - Reverb - Reading, Pennsylvania
Mar 4th - The Maywood - Raleigh, North Carolina
Mar 5th - Memories - Waldorf, Maryland
May 13th-14th - NEPA Metal Meltdown Fest - Pittson, Pennsylvania

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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