Exarsis helps people in need with care packages

Instead of talking about crisis and problems greece Thrashers Exarsis have decided to do something against the problems that really need a solution. They invested the mony they got for shooting their second video clip "Change of Plans" into food and other stuff that people living in the streets (immigrants, homeless etc.) desperately need and went out to share the care packages.

The whole action was filmed and is meant to be a motivational example for all the people watching it. It should engage people to follow the band's idea and help those who are in need. That's in short the message behind the clip like the band pointed out in a statement underneath their post of YouTube.
Heavy Metal Underdogs would like to support this great idea with sharing the video all around. I hope many people will pick the idea up and start something similar usefull like the band did with their time and money.

Exarsis are going to hit the road in a few days playing shows all across Europe together with Suicidal Angels, Lost Society and Fuelled By Fire. Check the flyer below for a city near you.

(c) by Exarsis, used with kind permission
The track is the second single release of the current output "The human project". For more information on the band make sure to see their Facebook page or keep a eye on the band's website.

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