Justice Theorey release group-playthrough video for new single

If you've ever wanted to know instantly how to play that brand new track you've just heard from a band then Justice Theorey give you a chance to quickly get the idea of how to play that track properly.

Entitled "Necessary evil" the thrash metal band based in Finland have not "only" released that brand new song to the public but along with it a video with the mentioned insight of how to do it. The song itself is kept straight forward in a hard and dry way. I like the way of the production. It gives all instruments as well as the vocals the possibility to come out clearly. You can hear exactly what's going on, it's not so much confusion in it where you just have to listen several times to get through the various parts to point them all out.

Justice Theory plays a release show for the single/video at Rock Club Lutakko, Jyväskylä (Finland) on January 23rd 2016. So make sure to be there to give the band a good feedback for this excellent track.

Also make sure to follow the band further using Facebook or Twitter. This video has made me curious on the band so I've given 'em a like.

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