Queen Elephantine add mediative elements to psychedelic music

One of the nice things when running a blog like this one is the chance to discover not only unknown bands but also sometimes unravel mysterious bands than go different ways than other combos do. One of them seems to be Queen Elephantine, a band which saw many lineups as well as changes of locations they are living in. Their vita lists New York, Hong Kong or Rhode Island as places where they made music and as different as these places are so is their musical journey going which can be called a collection of dark psychedlic tracks that have a deep meditative sphere in them.

Queen Elephantine live in Boston 2013, (c) Quenn Elephantine, used with kind permission

It's with a lot of pleasure that I can bring you one track of their recent output called "Omen". The whole record which the band speaks of as a EP has a playing time of around 70 minutes. It goes all in all in a sort of drone and psychedelic music direction outliving the extremes of the musical spectrum but I think people open to taking new courses in their musical journey will love to have the chance to discover something new and unique in here.

Don't let the unusual song structure confuse you - the track slowly builds up over it's duration. The drums keep a static rhythm while the guitars add to the monotone form. Slowly distorted vocals keep coming in and the whole procession moves on forward until some sort of climatic ending comes in.

If you like this track don't hesitate to head over to the Bandcamp page of Queen Elephantine and have a listen to the rest of the album. That's also the place where you can  purchase a copy of the band's current output. The album has been released through the French label Atypeek Music on further plattforms such as Amazon, or iTunes.

Also make sure to take a look upon the band's plattforms throughout the Internet such as Soundcloud, YouTube or go the traditional way and take a look at the band's homepage for more detailed info about 'em.

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