Unearth hidden underground demo gems with free download sampler

Big names were once small one's... Do you sometimes find yourselves looking through your collection and finding old records of bands that sadly never made it out to a bigger audience? This happens often to me.

I recently took a look at some demo tapes I bought quite some time ago and thought about those bands again. Mostly it was the case that I went to their shows and was excited to see and hear something new. So often I found myselves purchasing those stuff after the show was over directly out of the hands of the artists. What a great feeling to buy directly from those who create what we all love and like.

It's cool to see the same thing seems to happen in other parts of the world, too. It's a great to see that others also do care about this stuff and try to save it from the dust of time. One that I just ran across is the Texas Metal Underground Records label. Read below what's their mission and pick up the nice goodie they offer you.

Texas Metal Underground (TMU) Records have released their first ever free digital music sampler featuring one full mp3 song from their entire re-issued curated catalog releases.

(c) by TMU Records, used with kind permission

TMU Records has provided the following mission statement:
"Since 2008, TMU Records has been unearthing lost and unheard musical gems from the fertile underground Texas metal scene of the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s. To preserve and share this heavy musical legacy, the label focuses primarily on bands who burned bright, briefly, but disappeared without a trace before anyone could take much notice.

Bands who managed to get a demo recorded but for reasons unknown never shared it beyond a close circle of friends and fans. Whether on vinyl, CD, or cassette, all TMU Records releases are given lavish treatment with custom packaging, unseen photos, show flyers, interviews, informative booklets, rare bonus tracks and extras for the denim and leather die-hards.

For 2016, look for upcoming deluxe vinyl releases from Karion, Las Cruces, Bad Heaven, SSR, and more!

TMU Records digital music sampler tracklist:

1. Broken Teeth - Flame Thrower
2. Baron Steele - Night of the Wolves
3. Sentinel - Panzer Attack
4. Wicked Angel - People of the Black Circle
5. Meddallion - Stormbringer
6. Final Vengeance - Darkside
7. Wicked Step - Rock N Roller Masses

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing from this location.

For further information on the label make sure to see the TMU Records website and if you'd like to purchase one or more of their releases just click on to the Bandcamp page. Most of the stuff is available in various formats so you can pick exactly what you need.

Here are some of my impressions that I had while I checked out the free compilation: The backside of the compilation shows how much love the people behind the releases spend on this. Every band is featured with a little image of the cover. Above you'll find the original band logo and a short discription underneath the image gives a quick idea of the band's style as well as information on the re-release special features. Don't miss out these gems.

While I'm typing these lines I'm enjoying the track included of the Baron Steele camp. How much I love the rough style of demo recordings. And it's cool to hear what this band contributed to the sound of their time. Hope many more will appreciate this. And while you're enjoying this why not go out and support demo band's of today's as well? Go and give them the support you're able to give'em. They are the source of tomorrow, our future. Never forget that. Big names were once small one's.

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