Brutai show how different songwriting these days is

Today's upcoming bands have a lot more complexity and variation in their sound. Sometimes it's not easy at all to sort out the elements that come along when you start listening to their music.

I mean their are sometimes these straight songs that come with a clear structure. A straight riff, the fitting rhtyhm to it and some vocals with the typical song structure marking the way through the song.

As of today it takes various times to get through all of the stuff because some of them are so complex and diverse you wonder how it's all coming together. A good example for that is the London-based modern Metal band Brutai who have just released a new single with accompanying music video for their track 'Deep', taken from their forthcoming album which is due for a summer release.

While the beginning goes in straight with some vocals and a good amount of riff hacking kicks into the song it's quickly getting diverse when the vocals change for the first time from the clear style over to the harsh and deep tonality. This is where the song starts to grow in my ears in some sort of monster style, much heavier and harder.

It's followed up by a pumping and pushing part which leads back to the first formula. After the next break of deep vocals their's another ride taking the track to a rougher edge. Finally the end part is quite different from what can be heard of other bands - what a different yet cool way to end a song and letting it fade out with some soft keyboards...

Felix Lawrie (Frontman, Guitarist) says about the track:
"Lyrically, Deep is about a time when we were struggling as a band during the writing process of the album. It talks about challenges we faced when overcoming adversities such as writers block and other struggles in our personal lives. We needed to come back and finish what we started. This song is a reminder to never give up."
Photo credit: http://www.willirelandphotography.co.uk/
(Left to right-  Mathieu Bauer- Drums, Alex Lorimer- Backing Vox and keys, Felix Lawrie- Frontman/Guitarist, Henry Ryan- Guitars, Christian Sturgess- Bass)
The band has some live dates coming up so don't miss them out if you're around:

25th February- The Underworld Camden (supporting Textures)
10th March- Hammerfest (Wales)

If you'd like to have a copy of the song check out Bandcamp or itunes to purchase it.

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