Fins a Luminous share haunting Double A side single

This brand new digital single released by UK based band Fins A Luminous shows that you can also work with fine electronic elements to create a deep and intense atmosphere. I think it's the idea that stands behind the music and how detailed it's worked out that decides if it touches the listener.

The cover of the Double A side single, (c) by Fins A Luminous, used with kind permission

This said the single starts out rather soft and silent with "Setting Souls". The song is styled in a minimalistic way but once you let it sink in you'll discover what this simpleness will do for you. It's this easy toned style that helps to concentrate on the music itself. This track that will take you away from your everyday life and lead over to a more relaxed state of mind. Enjoy some refreshing of your soul while listening to it.

The second number "Funeral Shake" gives things a more raw and powerfull tonality featuring elements of drone and shoegaze in it. While it still creates landscapes of imaginations through the music it definitely goes a bit deeper and works with various sound layers to create it's atmosphere. The lyrics are inspired by the Twin Peaks series.

If you enjoy what you hear don't hesitate to go to Bandcamp and pick a copy of this release. While the band has been so kind to give it away for free please consider giving at least a few bucks back on a donation basis to help them creating more atmospheric and refreshing tunes for you.

Follow the band through their social accounts on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date about all the upcoming works of Fins A Luminous. You can also visit Soundcloud for more tunes of the band.

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