GC Project Album shows drummers part in music

How much a drummer contributes to the music of a band? A lot I think. But I would agree to say it with Mike Portnoy's words that the stuff the drummer adds to a bands sound has to come at the decent time. He or she should know when to play more in the front row or better to stay in the back.

Here's one recording I came along that reminded me of what Portnoy said. It features Giacomo Calabria who's vita is quite impressive. But before going into the details just let the music speak and listen to one of the tracks of his recent progressive and diverse output "Face the odds" that covers many genres of music.It's this mixture of so many playing techniques in Calabria's drumming that make this music so exciting. It feels as if it is changing all the way through the song.

Giacomo Calabria has been on the scene since 1992. Once graduated at University of Music in Rome, he played live and recorded demos with several bands from the Naples rock/metal scene. He played on the album "A New Day" from Silent Field, for Nocturnal Music label, followed by a live tour. After moving to Ferrara, he recorded "Rock, Groove, Sexy & Funky" (2004) with Alias, "Misteriosevoci" (2005) and "Rebus" (2008) with Barock Project, for the french Musea Records label. He recorded two songs with GOS (Ivano Zanotti, Vince Pastano, Giorgio Santis) in 2006. Official drummer for Rain from 2011 to 2014, he played in "XXX" tour, "Mexican Way" album and the following 9-months tour. Member of Ypnos (actually in studio recording their first album) and Coda (Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin tribute).

Giacomo Calabria, (c) by Giacomo Calabria, used with kind permission

On September 2014 he started writing songs for his solo project, the GC Project, the Giacomo Calabria's solo project. After three years on tour in Italy and Europe, studio recording and many sessions, his desire is to play music that includes many genres, progressive, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, latin, and play with several artists who are friends too, to create an album with different kind of sounds, attitudes and interplay, All songs and lyrics are written by Giacomo Calabria.

The album is titled Face the Odds, released on december 7th 2015 by Sliptrick Records, and contains 11 original tracks and one ghost track, The Black Page #1, tribute to Frank Zappa, and it's available in stores, on Itunes, Deezer, Amazon music, Google play, Musimania, KKBox and others platforms.

Make sure to stay in connection with him via Facebook or follow him on YouTube.

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