Reveries End takes a journey through a ocean of emotions

The vocals on this one speak so much about the contrast between good and bad. The feelings first keep you in a melancholic feel with thoughts spinning through time. Some darkness comes rushing in with blacked styled vocals.

The songs structure changes to a more moving feeling that seems to be feed from the dark voice. Finally the softer tonality comes back before a final dark parts let's the song come to a end. A haunting musical experience, a journey through emotions and feelings as they come and go through the human mind...

Reveries End is a female fronted melancholic metal band founded in the spring of 2011 in Tampere, Finland.
The song "A Thousand Facets" is taken of the current album "Edge Of Dark Waters" which is going to be released on 28th February 2016 via Sliptrick Records.

Sadly female vocalist Sariina who was a vital part of Reveries End has decided to leave the band. The band is currently looking for a new voice so if you feel you have what it takes please don't hesitate and contact them through the band's website or use Facebook to get in touch.

The band "Reveries End", (c) by Reveries End - used with kind permission

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