Grand Sounds Sampler Vol. 6 online / bands for next sampler wanted

So easter may be over but there's still one egg that has not been opened yet. :-)

This time we here at Heavy Metal Underdogs can present a digital band sampler that has been set up by the Grand Sounds PR agency. Volume 6 of the series features 21 tracks contributed by various heavy bands of all around the globe. So let's start discovering new band's - just hit the play button and enjoy.

The cover for Vol. of the Grand Sounds bandsampler, (c) by Grand Sounds PR, used with kind permission

If you would like to participate in the next Volume (No. 7) just write a E-Mail to Grand Sounds PR directly at grandsoundsmetal@gmail.com

or see their Facebook page or visit the website to get in touch with them.

Here's the full tracklisting of the compilation:

01: CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE (Swe) "Another Day in Paradise"
02: LOST ETERNITY (Ger) "Orion"
03: MATUBES (Bul) "Left Hand Path"
04: INLANDSYS (Fra) "March Of The Dead"
05: AGAROTH (Mex) "Distortion of Illusions"
06: THIRD ION (Can) "Zero Mass" (feat members of The Devin Townsend band and Into Eternity) (Glasstone Records)
07: RAPTURE (Gre) "Laboratories of Infection" (Witches Brew)
08: WITCHING HOUR (Ger) "Once Lost Souls Return"
09: ZORD (Hun) "Thorns & Wounds"
10: DARK LETTER (Pol) "Toy" (feat.Tomasz Wisniewski)
11: MIECZ (Pol) "Invisible War"
12: STATUE OF DEMUR (Can) "Nungunner"
13: THE SHIVA HYPOTHESIS (Nl) "Caduceus"
14: DISBOSKATOR (Ita) "Passive Suicide"
15: PHANTASMAL (USA) "The Reaper's Forge"
16: ENSLAVER (Bra) "Stained by Blood"
17: STAAR (Fra) "Valkermord"
18: Ungoliantha (Ukr) "Black Winds"
19: Warhawk (Ita) "Flying Tygers"
20: Staar "Vers où nous sommes"
21: Empheris "Nihilistic Black Metal"


Easter gift: Full Orymus progmetal album "Miracles"

Happy easter everyone! Yeah, the spring time is coming closer so it's time to wipe the winter ghosts away. That's the way it's at least tradition here in germany. People come together at a easter fire, children often baking potatoes that are bound on a bough wrapped in aluminum foil and holding it in the glow of the fire until it is ready for easting.

As it has become sort of tradition that there's some giveaway going on here on Heavy Metal Underdogs on those days. This year we have some fine progmetal for you. The swiss progmetal band Orymus is currently handing there full album "Miracles" out for a pay what you want price (no minimum and maximum amount) over on Bandcamp. You can also listen to it first here before downloading anything.

They impressed me with their powerfull sound. You can feel the brightness of the music already when listening to the big bass sounds that the opener "End of the world" holds. Yet there's enough room for all the other elements to breathe and some space for dreaming and lots of emotions as well.

If you enjoy what the band offers you follow them even further with taking a look on their homepage or liking them on Facebook.


A.D.D. speak about regret and release fresh US tourdates for 2016

Some words from the editor: speaking of my own life it's the chances that I didn't took that I regret the most. It's strange as it is but with most of the things I have done I feel somehow comfortable. It's mostly those moments when I didn't took an opportunity that I think about again later with regret. In the end know one know's what could have been...

Regret is also a topic that the band Analog Digital Disorder is speaking about in their current single "I regret" which is taken of the album "CORE". The album was mixed by Tadpole (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind) and mastered by Grammy Award winner Trevor Sadler.

Besides the direct heavy rocking attitude that goes straight on forward with crushing guitars and kicking drums I like the performance of vocalist Matilda Moon who rips up the topic right on the point. The variations in her voice bring in a lot of emotions and are placed at the fitting parts of the track.

The band is going to hit the road very soon in the US, here is the flyer with the show dates. In addition to those two more dates have been scheduled:

Update 2016-04-11: More dates have been confirmed so I've added to them below to the list:

Fri. Apr. 29th - Ribco - Rock Island, IL
Fri. June 10th - w/ Bret Michaels - Q&Z Expo - Ringle, WI
Fri. June 17th - w/ E&E - BAMfest - McHenry Extreme Sports Park - McHenry, IL
Tue. Oct. 4th - w/DOPE, AHC - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL

If you want to get in touch with the band don't hesitate to see their website or check in to their Facebook page.


Night Idea blends together complex and catchy prog music elements

How can progressive music evolve further on? On the heavier side of music it is a genre that is often used to bring in new elements to a existing sound. But how can elements of indie add content to a progressive rock act?

I think Night Idea, a band based out of Richmond, VA gives a nice idea how such a thing can work out. Their sound is multi-layered yet it is not too complicated. They set a focus on details when it comes to building songs and this fresh insight into their upcoming record "Breathing Cold" shows that is indeed possible to maintain a constant rhythm and song structure while adding little progressive elements all the way through the song which make the track a exciting listening experience.

Night Ideas second full length album "Breathing Cold" will be released March 25th on JuJu Records. Speaking about the upcoming record the band reveals that it comes with some sort of concept. Built around loose themes, Breathing Cold slowly descends into madness as it unfolds. The album starts very happy-go-lucky and bright, and then in the second half it takes a dark turn.

By the end of the record, the band have traversed through some really dark passages, and the listener is left somewhere completely different from the beginning. It’s a journey intended to be heard in full, a transformative experience for the listener and band alike. Lyrically, Carter Burton (guitar/vocals) has inspiration from all over the place. There isn’t a concrete theme to the lyrics, each song is a separate story. Some songs are about day to day experiences, some of it is existential.

The band Night Idea, (c) by Joey Wharton, used with kind permission

The band has some shows coming up, here's a list of the dates:

3/25: Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
4/05: Greensboro, NC @ Revolution Cycles
4/06: Savannah, GA @ The Erasery
4/07: Raleigh, NC @ The Pour House
4/08: Wilmington, NC @ Reggies
4/09: Atlanta, GA @ 529
4/14: Larami, WY @ University of Wyoming
4/20: Brooklyn, NY @ Sunny Vale
4/21: Beacon, NY @ Quinns Beacon
4/22: Providence, RI @ Aurora Providnce
4/23: Mystic, CT @ The German Mystic Club
4/28: Harrisonburg, VA @ The Golden Pony
4/30: Dublin, VA @ Progress Festival

Make sure to keep a eye upon the band through their sites on places such as Facebook, Bandcamp or Instagram.


CD Review: Fallen Angels - World In Decay (2015)

A superb thrash metal album mixing up the heavyness of the old days while adding a lot of today's songwriting techniques to it. The feast is rounded out with catchy hooks and lasting melodies all packed in a modern production without sounding overloaded with too much noise or uncapeable song structures.

Short Introduction

Seattle, WA thrashers Fallen Angels, return in 2015 with their third studio release 'World In Decay' produced by Grammy winning metal producer/engineer Michael Rosen (Forbidden, Testament, Death Angel, Flotsam and Jetsam, Tesla, Vicious Rumors) to follow 2011's 'Engines of Oppression' and 2008 debut 'Rise From Ashes'. 

The cover for World In Decay, (c) by Fallen Angels, used with kind permission


A hammer of a album is coming down with this one. I've loved thrash for a long time now but never thought that something like this would come around to me one day. This album is for sure what you would would have expected to sound a record like back at the end of the 80s. But to me it's far more.

It's a album that is setting the mark for thrash in the years to come. Why? Simply because nearly all the boundaries of this genre have been set and explored to the full in my eyes. This band has a different way to attempt things. They don't just look back to the old times with respect but move on forwards from there adding modern production and catchy song structures but in a way that you won't recognize it on the first listen.

These elements are worked in so clever that you'll just come around this some time after the first listen. It's outworked very well and what I like most of all is the fact that it's not overproduced. Sure it's like people expect metal to sound like these days. But it doesn't distort just everything to the max and leave you in a haze of confusion about the all and everything what's coming there but makes sure that it's still possible to realize the song structures and techniques the band used to write the album. If you're into thrash do yourselves a favour and buy this record. You won't be able to spend the money on a better one.

Album overview

The album opens up typically fast with a neckbreaker like "The Hammers blow" with a catchy as hell chorus. Classic formula's dominate the next two tracks as well. The real uniqueness of World in decay comes into play starting from track four onwards. "Leading the blind" for example comes as a midtempo number which spreads a lot of fun while listening.

"Fire At Eden's Gate" is a cool number going straight forward yet has a kicking effect of the listener. "Into The Abyss" goes back to a classic format with it's typical thrash riffer but offering a wide range of variations in them. A great tune! "The Hour Of The Time" is a riff shooter with midtempo rhythm to it before a short instrumental leaves us with a big smile behind.

Player and purchase link

There are four full songs out there up for listening. They give a good insight into the album.
The full CD is available for 10 Dollar plus shipping and handling from the band's own webshop or make sure to pick up a digital copy from the same location for 7 Dollar. You can also pick up single songs there if you prefer to have selected tracks of the record.

Contact data

Finally make sure to keep a eye on all the further activities of the band checking regulary in to their website or marking their Facebook or Twitter account with your follow signature.

Band looking for vocalist

Fallen Angels are currently looking for a new singer. Brad Kennaugh who performed on the "World In Decay" album will stay until the band has found a new one. The band describes the conditions the new vocalist should be able to meet with these words on Facebook:

"(...) Looking for someone in the vein of Symphony X's Russell Allen / Testament's Chuck Billy. Someone who can do that Hetfield growl, YELL IN KEY and hopefully can sing in key as well.(...)"

You can use the links from above mentioned in the Contact data section to get in touch with the band if you think you've got what it takes.


Awaken The Shadow look on the darker side of relationsships

These days Facebook is often a source of food for thought for me. One of those pictures that was shared there a while ago said:

"So many people that are together are not in love
so many people that love each other are not together."

Thinking about it this painfull reality first came to my mind. As ever so often I moved on with the daily stuff to do but just recently this topic came back to me when I heard the new single of the New York based band Awaken The Shadow.

Singer Taylor Paul pointed out about the meaning of the track: “The Hunter is from the point of view of someone who may or may not realize they are in an abusive relationship, be it mentally or physically. The idea that you’re so in love with this person that you can’t see yourself ever leaving, but at the same time knowing this person could be poison. All the while your significant other is always on the hunt looking for their own self-gratification, and doing whatever is necessary to keep their partner mentally caged."

In addition to the lyrics I feel that the production on this one is somewhat special. The vocals as well as all the instrumental parts in the song go through so many variations that it needs some time to get through the many song layers and moods they represent completeley. It's massive what band's put inside of their music these days. It's becoming more dedicated than ever.

The cover of the debut record "Life Beyond The Curse", (c) by Awaken The Shadow, used with kind permission
"The Hunter" is taken from Awaken The Shadows debut album "Life Beyond the Curse" which has been released on March 11th. The 12 track full length was self recorded, self produced and mixed by Ali Hassan (the bass player of the band) and mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound. If you'd like to buy the album head over to the band's mech store for a CD or click on to iTunes for a mp3 download.

Make sure to follow the band further on via their website, Facebook or Twitter.


CD Review: Lyra's Legacy - Lyra's Legacy EP (2014)

A great first EP combining sharp guitars with a lot of fine melodies, a excellent rhythm section and many vocal variations. It's the tension between the heavyness of the guitars and rhythm patterns on the one hand and the harmony of the voice on the other that makes this band so special.

Short Introduction

Lyra’s Legacy was founded in 2008 and consists of five musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany. Every band member brought in their individual musical experience from previous bands like Heavenfall and Frozen Fire.

Since 2011 Lyra’s Legacy is playing gigs and festivals e.g. “Metal for Mercy On Stage”, “Realms of Metal” or “Brotherhood of Metal” and shares the stage with bands like The Name, Gloryful and Ivory Tower.

Lyra’s Legacy represents sophisticated and melodious metal and inspires the audience with their melodies, musicality and power. They've put out a three track EP under the title "Lyra's Legacy".

The cover of the Lyra's Legacy EP, (c) by Lyra's Legacy, used with kind permission

A compact and razorsharp three track EP is what we have here. All songs go straight into your ears and will make you headbang to them all the way. On the contrary there's lot's of room for emotions and slower sections with keyboards giving it a silker touch. The vocalist uses a wide range of variations for his performance which makes the tracks even more enjoyable. There are surely not only some high pitched notes in the vocals but also a lot of midtone as well as some sing-along choruses to be found.

Player and Purchase Link

The whole release is up for a free listening session on the Soundcloud service so there's no need to buy the stuff without testing. If you like what you hear you can purchase a copy on a silver disc for 5 Euro plus shipping and handling. A band shirt is available for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling.

You can order these goodies through the band's Facebook page, through the band's contact Email form or contact Andreas Denz at his Facebook account to order your copy.

EP Overview

Mirror Of My Life
Powerfull compact starter, very riff packed, few keyboard inserts. The fine outworked vocals show much variations in them and the refrain invites to sing along,

Breath Of A Winter Night
A epic beginning but it changes quickly to faster riffing, free power riffing follows. It's a very direct number going all on it.

The final song starts slow and then goes over straight into a pure powerfull riff rollercoaster providing the listener with sharp, straight, hard, powerfull and intense moments.

The band Lyra's Legacy, (c) by Lyra's Legacy, used with kind permission


Check in to the band's website for all the latest tourdates and also tune in to Facebook for even more regular updates.


ShrEdmonton Metal Festival and Conference provides info about recording & band promotion alongside gigs

Many bands out there surely often think of how to make progress. Where can I learn to record music properly? My budget is small but I want a good sounding recording. And once the stuff is done - what can I do to get the word out about our music? Questions that many may have come along on their way.

For fans in Canada's capitol Edmonton and the area around it there's a festival coming up that gives the chance to get information on some of the important topics. Besides that clinics will be offered to improve your musical abilities.
If you're not into making music don't skip this info too fast - there's a large number of gigs going on while the festival takes place so you may be pleased to check out some new bands. Here's what coming up:

SHREDMONTON Metal Festival and Conference taking place from Friday, May 6th to Sunday, May 8th.

Featuring over 20 bands over the course of 3 days at The Starlite Room and The Brixx Bar and Grill (same building), as well as a multi-room industry based conference located at the Shaw Conference Center.

The full line up consists of an ultra heavy hitting bill that includes headliners Dying Fetus, Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate,  Goatwhore, Finnish power metallers Thunderstone along with some of Western Canada's best including Disciples of Power, Planet Eater, Scythia, Tylor Dory Trio, Every Hour Kills among many more!

Plus clinics by Tylor Dory (Tylor Dory Trio), Tim Waterson and panels at the Shaw Conference Center on recording, photography, video production, publicity, media relations, journalism, and concert promotion / talent buying for festivals / venues with music industry professionals from across Canada (full conference schedule and list of industry reps here.)

ShrEdmonton Festival Poster 2016, (c) by ShrEdmonton Metal Festival, used with kind permission

The complete access pass for all events comes around for 120 CAD$ but there's the chance of attending single events for a small amount, see the list below for details.

Single Event Tickets:
Shredmonton Conference @ The Shaw Conference Center (Salon 4) - $30.00 (details below)
Seminars, discussions, and Q+A sessions with over 20+ industry professionals.
ShrEdmonton Conference and Line Up 2016: http://shredmonton.com/bands/
Venue: Brixx and Starlite Room (same building) (10030 102 St. NW.) 
Friday, May 6, 2016 @ The Brixx Bar and Grill - $20.00
5:30pm - Guitar Clinic (Tylor Dory)
6:30pm - Drum Clinic (Tim Waterson)
8pm - Spruce Moose
9pm - Armifera
10pm - The Dead Cold
11pm - Every Hour Kills
Friday, May 6, 2016 @ The Starlite Room - $30.00
8:15pm - Tylor Dory Trio
9:15pm - Trollband
10:15pm - With Malice
11:15pm - Quietus
12:15am - Disciples Of Power
Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ The Brixx Bar and Grill - $20.00
7pm - Juliet Ruin
8pm - Mongol
9pm - Shocker
10pm - Noire
11pm - Planet Eater
Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ The Starlite Room - $35.00
7:15pm - WMD
8:15pm - Mortillery
9:15pm - Sleeping In Traffic
10:15pm - Scythia
11:15pm - Thunderstone
12:30am - Goatwhore

Sunday, May 8, 2016 @ The Starlite Room - $35.00 


5:00 pm - Exit Strategy

6:00 pm - Nylithia

7:00 pm - Black Crown Initiate

8:00 pm - Jungle Rot

9:00 pm - The Acacia Strain
10:00 pm - Dying Fetus

Conference Schedule: http://shredmonton.com/conference/ 
Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ Shaw Conference Center – Salon 4 (9797 Jasper Ave NW.)
Panelists and seminars will cover a wide range of skills, markets, and issues in the music industry and topics/agendas will be geared towards further educating the Canadian heavy metal scene about its inner workings. The main panel will feature an eye opening discussion on how the Alberta metal community can break down barriers, grow relationships, and become an internationally known destination where heavy metal thrives.
10:30 AM Introduction
Tyson Travnik (President) and Robert Kreed (Vice President) of Prairie Fire Events, will be greeting you with a warm welcome to the conference and a summary of what is to be expected during the conference. You will also be introduced to the Master of Ceremonies for the conference, the one and only, Cory Bosse.
11:00 AM  Recording and Live Production
Want to learn how to save money to record your next album? Still on that hunt for the “perfect” guitar tone? Want to get into recording or doing live sound professionally, but don't know where to start? Here's a chance to hear from professionals from around the globe, who will address these questions, and many more!
12:00 PM  -  Photography and Videography
What makes a promo shoot, a GOOD promo shoot? What do you need to look for when shopping around for a photographer or cinematographer? What is the importance of the music video in today's industry, and what does it REALLY entail? Recognizable Alberta based professionals are here to help you find out.
1:00 PM – Publicity/Media/Journalism  
What does it take to get “big and famous”? How do you grow your fan base? Is it really worth it to spend money on good publicity? These are key points (and more) which will be covered in this seminar.
2:00 PM -  – Promotion/Talent Buying/Festivals/Venues
The “big granddaddy” of seminars that you won't want to miss. Addressing the current state of the western Canadian metal scene, and brainstorming what needs to be done as a community to improve it. Anything you've ever wanted to know about promoting events, metal festivals, promoters, or venues will be talked about. This segment will prove to be a huge eye opener for many, and will prove to inspire!
Instrumental Clinics
Brixx Bar and Grill (Included with Conference ticket and Shredpass)
5:30 PM – Guitar Clinic with Tylor Dory and Guests
Learn some of the wizardry behind some of Alberta's most iconic metal guitarists, and how to incorporate it into your own playing. Entertainment and education guaranteed!
6:30 PM – Drum Clinic with Tim Waterson
As one of the fastest double bass drum players in the world, watching Tim Waterson play is something that cannot be described, but has to be witnessed to be appreciated. Noting key points from his instructional DVD “Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing", Tim will demonstrate how to improve a skill that has proven to be a notable backbone of heavy metal music.
For more detailed info on this event visit www.ShrEdmonton.com 
or add the Facebook page to your watch list to keep track for further updates.


LifeLike shows the good inside the bad

Sometimes a band logo picks up my attention. Some days ago a picture was spread on Facebook saying:

"This is the good inside the bad. (white dot in black spot as graphic)
This is the bad inside the good. (black dot in white spot at graphic)
This is life. (both sides mixed alltogether in one graphic)"

Looking at the sign of the band LifeLike this quote came back to my mind again. It seems to be thought out looking at the fact that the E of life can be found in the white coloured area while the L of the word like is kept in the dark but in a white style. The flash in the middle is also kept half half - just a bit as the famous Ying Yang sign symbolizing life
The logo of the band LifeLike, (c) by LifeLike, used with kind permission

But how does this band sound? I would say they are going all on it. Not holding back just giving completly in. That's what I felt when I had a look upon the fresh video of this Texas based band.

It feels great to see a band mixing up elements of today's metal scene along with classic riffing in the style of the past days. That's also been the intention as Chris guitarist of the band points out in his statement about the track:

"The song represents us bridging a gap and creating something we all grew up listening to at different periods of our lives. The audience will hear signs of old school metal riffs with a mix of nostalgic Pop-punk choruses."

"Turn The Pages" is taken of the band's self titled EP which is available from iTunes.

Check out their web or social pages to keep track of the further band activities or to pick up more info about them.

Official Website

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


A Light Within changes vocals with every lyric line

When you go through the various media forms in which music can be presented one thing has fascinated me for a long time now. It's the various effects that the choice of format can bring to the listener / viewer.

I can remember back in the very beginning there was little more than music on tapes I could listen to so my experience was limited to the audio content. It was great and I still enjoy listening to music and completly focussing on it these days.

The next step came when vinyl albums crossed my way. They made a different effect with their huge cover sleeves that were impressive. Iron Maiden's "Life After Death" was the best example. It contained a extra photo booklet that captured the monsterous stage set of the World Slavery Tour in impressive pictures. The vinyl needed special handling due to it's size and special care when dust had fallen on it.

Then there was a cut to digital media. CDs rushed in making handling easier and access to music faster. Sometimes it came in nice digipack formats that also could on rare occations feature a extra insert that could be unfolded by opening it. Few also came in a tin box.

Finally these days mp3s and streaming music through the internet have become a vital part of listening music. But what besides all the mentioned variations had the most impact on me was when videos came in. These days those clips are mostly put on Youtube and I think watching a video can take a lot of control of the listener. To me it's a massive difference if it comes with visuals or as audio alone. To me it is as if the music is far more touchable this way. It brings me closer to the artists performance.

Such a great example to prove this came along my way when post rock / post metal outfit A Light Within uploaded a vocal performace video for the track "No Charge" of their newest output "Body Matter".

I was already impressed by the vocals when I heard the audio but this video points out the intensity of the vocal performance so much more. It shows how much dedication the band put's into each and every aspect of the songs. This time it's the vocalist that change the mood and tonality with nearly every single lyric line. I've never before given such a idea that variations can have such a dramatic change to a song.

Make sure to see the band live their next date is set for

Wednesday, 9. March 2016 21:00h (CST)
3810 Broadway St, Kansas City 64111

Theirs a unique show flyer that the band has put out for this event.

The flyer for the next show of  A Light Within, (c) by A Light Within, used with kind permission

Finally keep track on their music by following A Light Within through Facebook or go to Bandcamp to pick up their excellent EPs.


CD Review: Amelia - Amelia EP (2015)

What happens when two women dedicated to music come together to express their musical abilities? I think the answer is a quite hard but also melodic direct sounding Rock / Hardcore experience like Amelia deliver with their first EP.

Short Introduction

With strikingly similar styles fueled by passionate musicianship, Jenn Elizabeth’s (vocals/guitar) and Tessa Breitbach’s (drums) collaboration forged the rock/hardcore band, Amelia. With their energetic sound just breaking the horizon, the band based out of Oregon, stands to become an inspirational staple to the current music scene.

In March 2015, the band ventured to Michigan to record their first EP “Ameila” with producer Josh Schroeder. 

Amelia’s focus is on creating more than just an aggressively unparalleled sound, but a distinct voice. Jenn articulates the theme illustrated throughout the album, “The EP is about individuality – never giving up on what you love – your true passion – despite any perceived obstacles. Simply, just being true to yourself.”

The cover of the first Amelia EP, (c) by Amelia, used with kind permission


The five tracks on the first EP feature a hard and edgy sound. It's kept hard, direct and live sounding. The tracks show a lot of variations in them. You'll need to make several rounds to get to all the details that are put inside the music. You'll feel the agression, the energy that these both women have layed down on tape. It's really crushing und pushing all the time.

Through all the heavyness you'll still be able to catch up a lot of fine melodies and lot's of precise rhythm patterns. At some points I've asked myself how they've put all of this together. It must have really taken a lot of time to get to this tight form. It's a modern sounding recording no question The vocals range from softer tonality up to a rougher range up to the darkest growling at some points. I love all of the rough energy you can feel when listening to Amelia. It's as if they've captured their rawest and purest of emotions upon the disc sharing it along with their points of view.

EP overview

The EP has a very diverse structure. The first two tracks are a more complex thing as they feature a lot of variation in them. They'll won't kick you on the first listen but will grow with every spin more you give to them. It goes over to a rather more easy style with "Let Them Fight For It". The climax is reached with "The Truth Is" which will throw you upside down with all it's rhythmic heavyness along with great sing along and hard guitar riffing. The last number "Before The End" throws it out the roughest and hardest just at the very end of the EP. 

Player / Purchase Link / Tourdates

The album is up for free listening on Soundcloud. If you would like to have a copy then you can get a download of the EP on itunes. You can also grab it from digital stores such as Amazon or Spotify.

There also the possibility to purchase a physical copy on CD for five Dollar plus shipping and handling at the band's online merch store. There are also beautiful shirts and EP bundles up so don't miss this chance.

Amelia will do some local shows in the upcoming time, here are the dates.

3/12 Hawthorne Theater Lounge, Portland, OR
3/18 Tony V's Garage Everett, WA 
3/18 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
3/22 Analog Cafe and Theater, Portland, OR
4/14 Black Forest Eugene, OR
5/13 The Night Light Oakland, CA 

Contact Data

Stay in tune with Amelia: facebook.com/ameliamusic | Ameliatheband/Twitter