A Light Within changes vocals with every lyric line

When you go through the various media forms in which music can be presented one thing has fascinated me for a long time now. It's the various effects that the choice of format can bring to the listener / viewer.

I can remember back in the very beginning there was little more than music on tapes I could listen to so my experience was limited to the audio content. It was great and I still enjoy listening to music and completly focussing on it these days.

The next step came when vinyl albums crossed my way. They made a different effect with their huge cover sleeves that were impressive. Iron Maiden's "Life After Death" was the best example. It contained a extra photo booklet that captured the monsterous stage set of the World Slavery Tour in impressive pictures. The vinyl needed special handling due to it's size and special care when dust had fallen on it.

Then there was a cut to digital media. CDs rushed in making handling easier and access to music faster. Sometimes it came in nice digipack formats that also could on rare occations feature a extra insert that could be unfolded by opening it. Few also came in a tin box.

Finally these days mp3s and streaming music through the internet have become a vital part of listening music. But what besides all the mentioned variations had the most impact on me was when videos came in. These days those clips are mostly put on Youtube and I think watching a video can take a lot of control of the listener. To me it's a massive difference if it comes with visuals or as audio alone. To me it is as if the music is far more touchable this way. It brings me closer to the artists performance.

Such a great example to prove this came along my way when post rock / post metal outfit A Light Within uploaded a vocal performace video for the track "No Charge" of their newest output "Body Matter".

I was already impressed by the vocals when I heard the audio but this video points out the intensity of the vocal performance so much more. It shows how much dedication the band put's into each and every aspect of the songs. This time it's the vocalist that change the mood and tonality with nearly every single lyric line. I've never before given such a idea that variations can have such a dramatic change to a song.

Make sure to see the band live their next date is set for

Wednesday, 9. March 2016 21:00h (CST)
3810 Broadway St, Kansas City 64111

Theirs a unique show flyer that the band has put out for this event.

The flyer for the next show of  A Light Within, (c) by A Light Within, used with kind permission

Finally keep track on their music by following A Light Within through Facebook or go to Bandcamp to pick up their excellent EPs.

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