CD Review: Amelia - Amelia EP (2015)

What happens when two women dedicated to music come together to express their musical abilities? I think the answer is a quite hard but also melodic direct sounding Rock / Hardcore experience like Amelia deliver with their first EP.

Short Introduction

With strikingly similar styles fueled by passionate musicianship, Jenn Elizabeth’s (vocals/guitar) and Tessa Breitbach’s (drums) collaboration forged the rock/hardcore band, Amelia. With their energetic sound just breaking the horizon, the band based out of Oregon, stands to become an inspirational staple to the current music scene.

In March 2015, the band ventured to Michigan to record their first EP “Ameila” with producer Josh Schroeder. 

Amelia’s focus is on creating more than just an aggressively unparalleled sound, but a distinct voice. Jenn articulates the theme illustrated throughout the album, “The EP is about individuality – never giving up on what you love – your true passion – despite any perceived obstacles. Simply, just being true to yourself.”

The cover of the first Amelia EP, (c) by Amelia, used with kind permission


The five tracks on the first EP feature a hard and edgy sound. It's kept hard, direct and live sounding. The tracks show a lot of variations in them. You'll need to make several rounds to get to all the details that are put inside the music. You'll feel the agression, the energy that these both women have layed down on tape. It's really crushing und pushing all the time.

Through all the heavyness you'll still be able to catch up a lot of fine melodies and lot's of precise rhythm patterns. At some points I've asked myself how they've put all of this together. It must have really taken a lot of time to get to this tight form. It's a modern sounding recording no question The vocals range from softer tonality up to a rougher range up to the darkest growling at some points. I love all of the rough energy you can feel when listening to Amelia. It's as if they've captured their rawest and purest of emotions upon the disc sharing it along with their points of view.

EP overview

The EP has a very diverse structure. The first two tracks are a more complex thing as they feature a lot of variation in them. They'll won't kick you on the first listen but will grow with every spin more you give to them. It goes over to a rather more easy style with "Let Them Fight For It". The climax is reached with "The Truth Is" which will throw you upside down with all it's rhythmic heavyness along with great sing along and hard guitar riffing. The last number "Before The End" throws it out the roughest and hardest just at the very end of the EP. 

Player / Purchase Link / Tourdates

The album is up for free listening on Soundcloud. If you would like to have a copy then you can get a download of the EP on itunes. You can also grab it from digital stores such as Amazon or Spotify.

There also the possibility to purchase a physical copy on CD for five Dollar plus shipping and handling at the band's online merch store. There are also beautiful shirts and EP bundles up so don't miss this chance.

Amelia will do some local shows in the upcoming time, here are the dates.

3/12 Hawthorne Theater Lounge, Portland, OR
3/18 Tony V's Garage Everett, WA 
3/18 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
3/22 Analog Cafe and Theater, Portland, OR
4/14 Black Forest Eugene, OR
5/13 The Night Light Oakland, CA 

Contact Data

Stay in tune with Amelia: facebook.com/ameliamusic | Ameliatheband/Twitter

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