Easter gift: Full Orymus progmetal album "Miracles"

Happy easter everyone! Yeah, the spring time is coming closer so it's time to wipe the winter ghosts away. That's the way it's at least tradition here in germany. People come together at a easter fire, children often baking potatoes that are bound on a bough wrapped in aluminum foil and holding it in the glow of the fire until it is ready for easting.

As it has become sort of tradition that there's some giveaway going on here on Heavy Metal Underdogs on those days. This year we have some fine progmetal for you. The swiss progmetal band Orymus is currently handing there full album "Miracles" out for a pay what you want price (no minimum and maximum amount) over on Bandcamp. You can also listen to it first here before downloading anything.

They impressed me with their powerfull sound. You can feel the brightness of the music already when listening to the big bass sounds that the opener "End of the world" holds. Yet there's enough room for all the other elements to breathe and some space for dreaming and lots of emotions as well.

If you enjoy what the band offers you follow them even further with taking a look on their homepage or liking them on Facebook.

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