Grand Sounds Sampler Vol. 6 online / bands for next sampler wanted

So easter may be over but there's still one egg that has not been opened yet. :-)

This time we here at Heavy Metal Underdogs can present a digital band sampler that has been set up by the Grand Sounds PR agency. Volume 6 of the series features 21 tracks contributed by various heavy bands of all around the globe. So let's start discovering new band's - just hit the play button and enjoy.

The cover for Vol. of the Grand Sounds bandsampler, (c) by Grand Sounds PR, used with kind permission

If you would like to participate in the next Volume (No. 7) just write a E-Mail to Grand Sounds PR directly at grandsoundsmetal@gmail.com

or see their Facebook page or visit the website to get in touch with them.

Here's the full tracklisting of the compilation:

01: CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE (Swe) "Another Day in Paradise"
02: LOST ETERNITY (Ger) "Orion"
03: MATUBES (Bul) "Left Hand Path"
04: INLANDSYS (Fra) "March Of The Dead"
05: AGAROTH (Mex) "Distortion of Illusions"
06: THIRD ION (Can) "Zero Mass" (feat members of The Devin Townsend band and Into Eternity) (Glasstone Records)
07: RAPTURE (Gre) "Laboratories of Infection" (Witches Brew)
08: WITCHING HOUR (Ger) "Once Lost Souls Return"
09: ZORD (Hun) "Thorns & Wounds"
10: DARK LETTER (Pol) "Toy" (feat.Tomasz Wisniewski)
11: MIECZ (Pol) "Invisible War"
12: STATUE OF DEMUR (Can) "Nungunner"
13: THE SHIVA HYPOTHESIS (Nl) "Caduceus"
14: DISBOSKATOR (Ita) "Passive Suicide"
15: PHANTASMAL (USA) "The Reaper's Forge"
16: ENSLAVER (Bra) "Stained by Blood"
17: STAAR (Fra) "Valkermord"
18: Ungoliantha (Ukr) "Black Winds"
19: Warhawk (Ita) "Flying Tygers"
20: Staar "Vers où nous sommes"
21: Empheris "Nihilistic Black Metal"

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