LifeLike shows the good inside the bad

Sometimes a band logo picks up my attention. Some days ago a picture was spread on Facebook saying:

"This is the good inside the bad. (white dot in black spot as graphic)
This is the bad inside the good. (black dot in white spot at graphic)
This is life. (both sides mixed alltogether in one graphic)"

Looking at the sign of the band LifeLike this quote came back to my mind again. It seems to be thought out looking at the fact that the E of life can be found in the white coloured area while the L of the word like is kept in the dark but in a white style. The flash in the middle is also kept half half - just a bit as the famous Ying Yang sign symbolizing life
The logo of the band LifeLike, (c) by LifeLike, used with kind permission

But how does this band sound? I would say they are going all on it. Not holding back just giving completly in. That's what I felt when I had a look upon the fresh video of this Texas based band.

It feels great to see a band mixing up elements of today's metal scene along with classic riffing in the style of the past days. That's also been the intention as Chris guitarist of the band points out in his statement about the track:

"The song represents us bridging a gap and creating something we all grew up listening to at different periods of our lives. The audience will hear signs of old school metal riffs with a mix of nostalgic Pop-punk choruses."

"Turn The Pages" is taken of the band's self titled EP which is available from iTunes.

Check out their web or social pages to keep track of the further band activities or to pick up more info about them.

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