CD Review: Amoth - Revenge (2016)

A young progmetal band from Finnland unafraid of offering their own style of progressive music. With a solid production suporting the tracks Amoth change the style and tonality inside each track within a moment without any further ado.

Short Introduction

The brand new album "Revenge" is a continuum to their 2011 released debut "Crossing Over", which got great reviews around the globe. One common factor among critics was the "uniqueness" and "own sound" of Amoth's music. This time around they keep paving their own path and prove that they belong to the forefront of Finnish progressive metal scene. With new singer on the line-up and experience from the first album all the pieces truly lock into place.

The cover of Amoth's Revenge album, (c) by Amoth, used with kind permission


The power of this record sources of the originality of the ideas and the inconstant structure of each and every track on the album. There are times where the band pushes on forward with raw power ("Die Young" and "...And So They Fueled These Veins With Chaos") bringing out the heavier taste of the band for prog music. On other times like the both excellent singles "Tattered Wings" and "Shadow Of The Beast" they show their fine sense for details and sensible song structures. Both tracks breathe a sheer blast of emotions with them which gives the listener a lot of moving moments and sometimes a sort of ghostly feeling with it.

The accoustic ballad "For The Moon And Mercury" somehow gives a moment to get back some breath and leads over to the second album part. This see's us listening to even more diverse and mostly fast album tracks. The sounds change even faster and the spontanous style change in them often amazes the reviewer. Finally the title track put's a crown upon this record. It features all the strenghts of the previous efforts in one, long track.

The production is kept down to earth which is a good choice in my eyes. You feel it's not overworked and the sounds not expanded on postproduction to the bitter end. Instead you can listen to a direct sound which let's you feel the joy the band may had while recording. Most of all the album remains followable and the pure sound gives it some purity with it. That's a good feeling in my ears. The album's rounded out by a remarkable album sleeve that adds a mysterious feeling with the golden bird and the horizon in various dark but also partly warm colors.

Player and Purchase Link

The full "Revenge" album can be heard via Spotify.

For all those who don't have a Spotify account I've added the two video singles for a quick check out. Both videos are also strongly recommended by me also if you've listented to the audio before. "Tattered Wings" has a strong redemption feeling with it. The breaking waves give it somewhat of a moving moment to the listener/watcher. And that's a good feeling.

You can purchase the whole album through the band's record company Inverse Records. Another chance is to download the record from Amazon as a mp3 file. For fans living in Finnland it's notable that you can also order the album at Recordshopx.com or cdon.fi.

Contact data

The band has a own website and is present of social pages such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 

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